Easee Team Shaping our future

The Commercial Group’s mission is to ensure our customers and partners are ready and happy to choose Easee as their preferred EV ecosystem and so creating the revenue path to continue shaping the future of electricity.

Our Commercial department works hard to inspire and engage both customers and partners while ensuring a consistently high level of customer service. They also handle sales on a global scale, taking care to deliver on the needs of new and existing customers. In addition, our marketing team ensures that our messages and stories are delivered consistently throughout the global regions.

Commercials exist of four departments that all contribute to making our customers and partners feel loved and appreciated.

People First

We set high goals and ambitions and we don’t take shortcuts. To get there we need highly skilled, empathetic people who thrive seeing others succeed and who want to actively work to become the best version of themselves. We live by the mantra “People First” and this is reflected in everything we do and every decision we make. We choose to create an empowering workplace where employees will always feel seen and heard and where they have the freedom to truly be themselves.

This is how we play a part in shaping the future of business culture and making the world a better place.

Commercial Departments