Introduction Get to know our brand

This is the guiding ethos behind our brand and design strategy. This helps us distinguish every element and every experience designed by Easee. Our visual identity is a manifestation of our brand DNA and it becomes recognisable through a number of core design elements. The following sections will guide you through these elements and how we treat them. Who we are and the values and beliefs that we stand for.

Easee Design Elements

Our visual identity is not just a logotype. It is a design scheme composed of a number of core design elements that come together to create a distinctive visual language that makes the Easee brand instantly recognisable. This section provides an overview of our 6 design elements and guidelines on how to use them. When they are used and combined in the right way, they create a unique, clear and consistent brand experience across all our touch points.

Easee Design applications

Our brand design is based on various building blocks that can be combined in different ways, to visualise and communicate the Easee brand in different applications. Below you can find more in-depth guidance on specific categories of our brand design. It explains how to use the system and serves as a source of inspiration for you to help us continue building a global brand people love to be a part of. If in doubt, go for simplicity, with bold, confident headlines and fields of single colour. That way you will keep it clear and consistent.

Easee Shaping the future
of electricity

We have strong visions and ambitions, but we are in no hurry and we do not take shortcuts. We hate to deliver something half way and to compromise on customer experience and quality. We will keep working together with our customers and partners, to shape the future of electricity and business culture. Creating a world where expectations are not just met, but exceeded.