With the UK Government banning the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars from 2030, property owners and landlords looking to future-proof their residences can benefit from investing in the latest smart-charging technology.

In the heart of London sits Wycombe Square, a luxurious residential block where traditional Georgian architecture meets modern design.

Bill Florence sits on the board of residents and has seen first-hand how the need to provide charging facilities has grown. ‘We already had 1 or 2 residents asking if we were ready to take EVs and I knew that a lot of others were starting to make decisions about going electric too. This is something we had to respond to’.

For Bill Florence and the rest of the Wycombe Square board, it was crucial to have a charging solution that was flexible enough to cater for those who currently drive EVs, and those that will switch in the future. 

Naturally, with an install such as this, there were numerous concerns from the residents that had to be addressed. These included worries around cost and a hesitancy from those that don’t own an EV yet (and subsequently didn’t want to have to pay for something they wouldn’t use). There were also questions from the board around scalability and how the payment solution would be managed.

Finding the right solution to satisfy everyone was key. 

Ready, steady, go!

Future Group were on hand to complete the installation and, to address these concerns, a combination of 56 Easee Charge charge points and 59 passive Easee Ready’s were installed. 

Darren Rodgers explains ‘Easee’s products are perfect for these settings. The Easee Charge is unique in the industry as it allows us to put up to 101 chargers on the same circuit. Then, as all available energy is dynamically divided between the units, this means that we don’t have to worry about the main fuse being overloaded.’

Future Group were on hand to provide a fully managed, smart, technical solution that ticked all the boxes. 

For residents who are not yet ready to switch to an electric vehicle, the Easee Ready is the perfect solution. Consisting of a backplate and a blind cover, the Ready sits passively and can be made active when required, by clipping in the active Easee chargeberry. 

Meanwhile, the active and passive infrastructure can be installed at the same time, meaning no further installation materials or costs are required when a new resident wants to switch to an EV. ‘The Easee Ready really does solve a problem in residential blocks’ says Rodgers, Future Group. 

‘The Easee product really does look nice, and people are impressed by the flexibility it brings’.

For the board, it was also important for the payment to be easy for residents to use, and easy for management to facilitate. In this way Easee’s Cloud Management system offers the perfect solution as it provides a full overview of the install and permits users to monitor their individual power consumption, via the Easee Key or through the Easee App. That way the residents can be sure that they only pay for the electricity they use. 

The future is electric

In finding the right solution, Wycombe Square is future-proof and ready to welcome drivers at every stage of their electrification journey. When residents require it, all they have to do is ‘make a phone call, scan a bar code and be ready to go the next day.’

The Easee products do look nice –  I think people are impressed. Plus you can certainly see that in terms of bringing your EV into our parking garage, it’s ready’ explains Bill Florence. 

Are you thinking about installing EV chargers in your residential block?