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Choose Easee for
commercial charging

It has never been easier to charge in commercial buildings and workplaces. With dynamic load balancing, Easee utilises all available electrical capacity in commercial buildings. The Charging Robot distribute the available current automatically between units – so both employees and visitors can charge in a smart and safe way. 

Load balancing 101 x

Easee enables load balancing of up to 101 Charging Robots on a single circuit. It can operate both online and offline.

Always online 24 /7

Our Charging Robots are updated with new features continuously. We detect and fix any problems, and also do proactive maintenance.

Powerful 22 kw

Easee Charging Robot has Type 2 charging switch, which charges both 1- and 3-phase. It supports charging up to 22 kW, and you can easily connect several chargers in series if needed.

Sustainable 1.5 kg

Our Charging Robot weighs only 1.5 kg. This means that we save the environment at least 4 kg of copper and plastic per produced charger.

  • Fully dynamic charging power 1.4–22kW (1 and 3 phase charging)
  • Reduces capacity requirements by up to 90%.
  • Load balancing of up to 101 chargers per fuse
  • Automatic queuing system
  • The load and phase balancing works offline
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Built-in eSIM (LTE CAT M1 / GSM). If you buy now, you get a subscription included for life (assuming there is coverage)
  • Permanent locking of the Type 2 cable
  • Integrated earth fault protection (RCD protection (AC 30mA / DC 6mA))
  • Integrated RFID reader (NFC / ISO 14443 and MiFare Classic)
  • Supports whitelisting of RFID tags, approved tags are automatically stored locally in each Charging Robot
  • Energy measurement (+/- 3%) for reading charging consumption
  • Developed and manufactured in Norway
  • The box is smaller than most other solutions and weighs only 1.5 kg
  • 3 year warranty from the day the charger is installed
  • Universal, fits all types of electric cars and power supplies
  • Manual and digital control (free Easee app)
  • You choose the colour

How does workplace
EV charging

1. Set up infrastructure

Start with the infrastructure. All you need is one cable for power supply. Easee supports up to 101 units on a single circuit.

2. Prepare the back plates

You choose whether you want to buy one or more at a time – the back plates are easily mounted on the infrastructure you have already installed.

3. Plug in electronics

The Charging Robot itself, also called the Chargeberry, contains the system’s electronics and is mounted on the back plate. You configure the Chargeberry by connecting a smartphone to its integrated WiFi network.

4. Scale the system

If you want to expand the system, the desired number of backplates is mounted on existing infrastructure. You do not need to invest in assembly.

What to think of when investing in a commercial charging system? ​

  • tilpass elbillader etterbehov i borettslag og sameie

    Business owner

    Does the company need electric car chargers for its own car fleet, or are they intended as a gesture to employees and visitors? Our solution for workplace EV charging is scalable and future-oriented. With Easee you get a product that is as smart as it is simple. You can start small and expand the number as needed, at no great cost. Our charger fits all cars and grids – it couldn’t be easier.

  • offentlig

    Public parking

    The number of electric cars just keeps on growing. Be sure to choose a charging solution that can be expanded at no great extra cost. With Easee you get a modern, scalable and affordable solution that will also work in the long term, and for all cars and power grids.

  • Contractor

    When you build new, it’s about building for the future. By thinking about electric car charging early in the process, you can set up infrastructure that provides enough capacity for all purposes, including those that may come. With separate courses for electric car charging, you avoid unnecessary digging and additional costs for those who will take over the building.


With our tailored accessories you can compliment your smart charging point for commercial buildings. With Easee Base you can install the charging robot where ever it’s best suited.

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