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We know how annoying it is when things don’t work or take unnecessarily long to figure out. We work every single day to make our products as simple and intuitive as possible. If something doesn’t work optimally, we are here to help you.

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We have compiled all our user manuals and technical documents in one place. Find documents about your product in the list below.



Please note that the videos are intended as guidelines. We recommend that you read the installation guide for a detailed description.

Easee Home – Installation
Easee Charge – Installation / «Fuse Balancing will be available during 2021»
Easee Plug & Play – Installation



Here, you’ll find answers to the most common questions we receive from our customers.

  • WiFi interface 04 Åpne/lukk

    • How do I access the Charging Robot’s installation menu? Open/close

      1. Hold down the touch button over the light strip for 5 seconds until you get one green light. This will activate the charger’s local WiFi.
      2. Select the network that begins with EHxxxxxx.
      3. Type into your browser.
      4. Log in using the PIN code on the front of the Charging Robot/electronics.
        If this doesn’t work, first try uninstalling the network (Forget this network) and log in again. On some phones, WiFi + also needs to be turned off. If the problem persists, fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and enter the serial number of your Charging Robot, which you can find on the front of the electronics or the box it came in.
    • Why do I only get the two-menu user menu when I connect to the WiFi setup? Open/close

      To access the setup menu, the Charging Robot power needs to be turned off and on again. It’s only active for a short time (5-30 mins depending on SW version).

      The user menu, on the other hand, is activated by holding down the touch button for 5 seconds.

      NB! If you have a newly installed Charging Robot with old software, there may be differences between the WiFi interface and what you see in the user and installation guide. New functionality will be implemented continuously via automatic software update.

    • How do I connect the Charging Robot to a local WiFi network? Open/close

      Activate the robot’s local WiFi and log in with the supplied PIN code. Then you’ll find this in the menu and can connect to WiFi in the usual way if you have local WiFi available where the Charging Robot is mounted.

    • Will I be able to download an Easee app? Open/close

      Yes, you can, just search for Easee in any app store.

  • Charging 05 Åpne/lukk

    • My charging robot isn’t charging, what can I do to fix it? Open/close

      The backplate must be programmed for charging to work. You have to do the programming via the WiFi network that the Charging Robot shares and turn the power on and off to access the setup menu.

      If you have installed two Charging Robots then it is important that both backplates are programmed with the same Charging Robot. This is to make the load balancing work. If the bottom light in the light strip is blinking, this means that the backplate is not programmed correctly.

    • What should I do when the backplate is not properly set up? Open/close

      Setup of one Charging Robot (master).

      1. Turn the power on and off.
      2. Connect to the Charging Robot’s WiFi network.
      3. Go to your browser and enter
      4. Log in using the PIN code on the front of your Charging Robot (on the electronics).
      5. Enter the installation information.
      6. Exit and make sure 2 LEDs light up at the bottom of the light strip.

      Setup of 2-3 Charging Robots.

      1. If you have several units/backplates that need to be programmed, move the same Charging Robot (the master) to the next backplate.
      2. Wait for one green light and then move the master to the last unit and wait for the green light.
      3. Then move the master back to the initial backplate.
      4. Insert the Chargeberries (the electronics) on the second and third backplate and wait for them to light up with a diode at the bottom of the light strip. When they blink, it means they are looking for the master. It may take a few minutes for the secondary devices’ diode to light up.
      5. Attach the front covers.
      6. Finished!
    • Some of the first boxes that were sent out have a known software bug that does not allow charging if you set the fuse value to 40A. Open/close

      Solution: Adjust the fuse value down to 32A and fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page. We will then make sure to get your software updated. Enter the serial number of your Charging Robot that you find on the front of the electronics or on the box it came in.

    • 3 phase charging on IT networks – how does this work and what should I do? Open/close

      We always recommend setting up a 3 phase cable/circuit, so that you are prepared for the future. The Easee Charging Robot automatically detects the grid and we have developed a software that, in combination with the hardware, allows safe charging on 3 phase IT networks. The total power becomes available on all the boxes that are connected and installed on the same circuit / cable.

      If you have 3 phase IT network connected to the robot, then 3 phase charging can be activated in Settings – Power control. There you can disable “allow only 1 phase”.

    • Does my car support 3 phase charging on IT networks? Open/close

      Only Tesla model 3 can make use of max 3 phase charging on IT networks and charge with 11kW.
      Some cars may also support charging power of around 7,5-8,5kW. You can find more information about this in our knowledge base.

  • Strip of light and signals 02 Åpne/lukk

  • Installation 06 Åpne/lukk

  • Load balancing 01 Åpne/lukk

  • Availability and security 03 Åpne/lukk

    • Can I lock my Charging Robot so that it is inaccessible to others? Open/close

      Yes, you can either use the Easee app or the local interface to add Easee Keys (any RFID like keytags, contacless payment card etc.) or the local WiFi interface.

      WiFi interface: Activate the WiFi interface. Enable RFID access only and then go to manage access to administrate users. Then you can add RFID tags. Remember to give the tag a name before saving. The software requires this.

      Easee app: Manage your Easee Keys in your user profile.

    • Can I permanently lock the Type 2 cable in my Charging Robot? Open/close

      Yes, log in to the Charging Robot with the supplied PIN code or using the Easee app.

      Some types of charging cables require a car connected for this to work.

      1. Insert the charging cable into the robot.
      2. Connect the other end to the car.
      3. Enable the feature via the WiFi interface or Easee app.
    • I can’t get my charger cable out. What can I do? Open/close

      1. Check that permanent locking of the charging cable isn’t enabled, either in the app or on the WiFi interface.
      2. Disconnect the electric car.
      3. Check that the connector is firmly pressed into the charger so that the locking mechanism is not pinched.
      4. Hold down the touch button for 1 sec, this will make the charger try to unlock the cable.


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