The Easee Equalizer Amp is a cost-efficient and easy-to-install current measuring device optimized to provide the data necessary to balance the energy between your building and EV charging. It connects to the Easee Equalizer and together they provide everything necessary from dynamic load balancing to solar charging.

Solar charging

No smart meter? No problem! The Equalizer and Equalizer Amp provide everything required to charge your car directly from your solar panels.

Value for money

Avoid extensive infrastructure upgrades to your building. The Equalizer Amp together with the Equalizer manages the energy of the building and hundreds of chargers dynamically.

Seamless integration

All our products are built to be installed the easiest way possible and the setup is done within minutes.

  • Charge your EVs faster when the building’s energy consumption is lower.

  • Take advantage of low electricity price periods.

  • Easee app til din hjemmelader

    Easily change charging limits within the app.

  • Avoid overload and power interruption while charging your EV.

  • Plug & Play installation and setup within minutes with no more external components.

Solar Charging – The Easee Way

With the Equalizer and Equalizer Amp you can enable full utilization from your building’s solar panels or any renewable energy source.

Our plug and play technology avoids unnecessary investments in infrastructure upgrades or the cost of increased electricity access.

Powering your freedom Solar Charging

The Easee App gives you easy access to solar charging.
Charge the car with solar power, from the grid – or both.

Dynamic load balancing without a smart meter​

Since EV charging requires a lot of energy, it must be shared wisely within your building. In settings where smart meters are not available, this is only possible with expensive infrastructure upgrades to the fuse box. Furthermore, when you would like to utilize other energy sources than the grid, for example, solar or wind energy you would need even more infrastructure and expensive installation costs.

  • A white Equalizer with the black Amp connected in the fuse box

Smart Power Management Plug and play with Easee Equalizer

The Easee Equalizer Amp is a measurement device and an accessory to the Easee Equalizer.