Easee Base is a robust and weather-resistant post that gives you greater freedom to install your Easee EV charger where it suits you best. Easee Base is available in three different configurations: choose between one, two or four EV chargers on the same post and get the most out of the installation.

  • Easee Base – Solid post with scratch-resistant powder coating.

  • Choose to have either one, two or four EV chargers on the same post.

  • Power rail is a connection box that allows several charging posts to be connected in series.

  • For exterior parking, the Easee Base provides convenience.

  • Lock the charging cable permanently to the Easee EV charger.

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    Easee Base Two-way – Mounting plate

Why choose Easee Base? Gives you bigger

The post has a strong and scratch-resistant powder coating which ensures long durability. Integrated cable hooks are available for 1-way and 2-way layouts. Thanks to the Power Rail connection, it’s possible to connect several charging posts in series, which enables easier installation on larger external parking systems.

More reasons to choose the Easee Base Pluss

  • Up to four Easee EV chargers can be installed on the same base.
  • Easy to connect each Base in series with the included Power Rail connection rail.
  • Connection via power strip.
  • Adapter plate that provides a 45 degree installation angle.
  • Designed in Norway.

Easee Base One, two or four
EV chargers?


Designed for Norwegian weather conditions.


Power rail Connect
several posts in series

1. Connected via Power Rail

Power Rail is a connection rail that allows several charging posts to be easily connected in series.

2. One, two or four?

Power Rail supports connection of up to 4 Easee EV chargers on one post. This is possible thanks to our patent pending and unique connection system.