Easee Equalizer is a small smart device, designed to optimize your charging experience. It connects to your power meter and automatically balances the total energy level between the charging robot(s) and your building (home, cabin, apartment block or commercial building). It enables you to charge smarter, safer, faster and to install more charger robots in your building.​


Avoid overloading and power outages while charging the electric car(s).


Automatic load balancing between the Charger Robot(s) and the building.


Keep an eye on the power consumption in the building and see how the capacity is utilised.

  • Easee Equalizer is a small and light sensor that fits in most places.

  • Monitor power consumption in your home, cabin or building via the Easee app

    Monitor power consumption in your home, cabin or building via the Easee app.

  • elbillader til borettslag og sameie

    Balance hundreds of charging robots on your site and charge hundreds of cars simultaniously with Easee Equalizer​

Charge smarter, safer and faster​

Why choose Easee Equalizer?

Electrical car charging requires a lot of energy, that has to be shared wisely with your building. Therefore, Easee Equalizer allows you to use all available power for car charging, by balancing the available energy in real time, day and night. When energy consumption in your building is lower, more energy becomes immediately available for the charging robot(s), so you can charge faster. You never have to think about fuses tripping. ​

More reasons to choose Easee Equalizer Pluss

  • Safely install more charging robots in your building.
  • Avoid unnecessary investments in infrastructure upgrades or expenses in increased electricity access.
  • No configuration required – automatic load-balancing between charging robot(s) and building.
  • Monitor your home’s power consumption through the Easee app.
  • Save money by charging your car during off-peak times, when energy prices are low (local). You can also limit the total amount of energy available to avoid energy peaks, in case your electricity supplier penalizes short-term spikes (local).
  • Our Easee Link™ technology ensures that the Equalizer always keeps your home balanced, both online and offline.
  • Easy to install. Whether the Easee Equalizer can be set-up by yourself or requires an electrician, depends on your location and your electrical installation (ask your electrician).
  • Small size B: 110mm H: 110mm D: 27mm.
  • Developed and manufactured in Norway.

Charge 6x faster

When energy consumption in the building is lower, more energy becomes immediately available for the charging robot(s), so you can charge up to 6x faster!

Charge more cars

With Easee Equalizer, you can balance hundreds of charging robots on your site and charge hundreds of cars simultaniously.

Save money

Avoid unnecessary investments in infrastructure upgrades or expenses in increased electricity access.

Smart power management

Easee Equalizer connects to your power meter and communicates with the charging robot(s). Whether Easee Equalizer can be set-up by yourself or requires an electrician, depends on your location and your electrical installation (ask your electrician).

Charge your electric car on solar power

Do you have solar cells on the roof, or a windmill in the garden? Now you can easily choose whether you want to charge the electric car only with home-made electricity, as usual from the mains – or both.

  • White electric car charger mounted on a house with a solar panel

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