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Easee Equalizer is designed to optimize the charging experience. It allows you to use all available capacity in the building for electric car charging without exceeding the main fuse. The equalizer is extremely easy to configure; take it out of the box and hold it against the Charging Robot for one second. You then connect it close to the origin of supply near the electricity meter. Finished! It communicates with the Charging Robot(s) via EaseeLink™ over radio or WiFi. Developed and produced in Norway.


Avoid overloading and power outages while charging the electric car(s).


Automatic load balancing between the Charger Robot(s) and the building.


Keep an eye on the power consumption in the house and see how the capacity is utilised.

  • Easee Equalizer is a small and light sensor that fits in most places.

  • Monitor power consumption in your home, cabin or building via the Easee app.

  • 100% implemented for Norwegian fuse cabinets with AMS electricity meter.

  • The Easee Equalizer is easily connected to the HAN port. No external power required.

Why choose Easee Equalizer?

Smart power management

The equalizer ensures that the charging of the electric car(s) is automatically adjusted upwards when other power requirements are low in the building. Easee Link™ ensures that the automatic load balancing continues to work, even if the connection to the cloud is lost or if there’s a problem with your WiFi connection.

More reasons to choose Easee Equalizer Pluss

  • Automatic load balancing between the Charging Robot(s) and the building.

  • Avoid overloading and power outages while charging your electric car.

  • Charge the electric car faster when the general consumption in the building is low.

  • Plug & Play – 1-click setup when the Equalizer is used with an Easee Charging Robot.

  • Communication via EaseeLink™ directly with Easee Charging Robot or via WiFi.

  • Monitor the power consumption in the building through the Easee app. 

  • Small size W: 110mm H: 110mm D: 27mm.

  • Developed and produced in Norway.

Easee Link™

The Equalizer uses a combination of wireless radio connection and WiFi. We call it Easee Link™.

Pair, Plug & Play

Hold the Equaliser next to your Easee Charging Robot to pair them. Setting up a new product has never been easier!


Monitor the power consumption of your home, cabin or building via the Easee app.

Charge the electric car when there is free power

Easee Equalizer can read the power consumption in the building. Once you have connected your Equalizer to the system, it will automatically start balancing the available power based on its readings and optimise the charging experience.

What is a HAN port?

Home Area

All households in Norway now have an automatic electricity meter (AMS) installed by their grid companies. On these electricity meters, there is a so-called HAN port that you can ask your network company to activate. The HAN port is then ready for connection with an Easee Equalizer.

In the UK, smart meters typically do not have the HAN (Home Area Network) port and work on a Wireless HAN protocol. We’re exploring an Equalizer version for the UK market, along with the smart meter rollout.

Pair, Plug & Play

Super simple

1. Pair the device with the charger

Hold the Equalizer over the light strip on your Easee Charger Robot to send WiFi information to your Equalizer using Easee Pairing™ (The Easee Charging Robot should beep and flash green once).

2. Install adjacent to the electric meter

Further information will appear here when we have a UK version ready.