About Easee

Easee was established in January 2018 by 3 Norwegian entrepreneurs, and an idea of creating the world’s smartest electric vehicle charger. Today the company continues to develop their innovative solutions for charging and power management technology, to provide an ecosystem that will give customers a seamless experience from A to Z.


Since it’s early beginnings, the company has gone from 3 to 400+ employees and has opened sales offices in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany. Easee develops, designs and manufactures its products in Scandinavia and currently exports to 17 countries in Europe. Our ambitions further lie in becoming one of the largest companies in green technology in Europe within 2026, and one of the largest in the world within 2031.

How? By practicing the powerful vision of shaping the future of electricity and business culture.

This means focusing both on developing scalable and future-orientated technology, while also setting the example for what a sustainable organisation and people focused business culture can be. One where values and employees comes first. Always.

Cooperation Our partners

We partner with a careful selection of talented and trustworthy partners. We cannot change the world on our own and are totally dependent on great partners who help pull the load together. These are, and will be, critical for the power grid of the future. As we build our partnerships, we look for companies to reach out to us and help change the world.

This is what our
partners are saying

  • “I find the easee charge incredibly easy to install and program. As of today, I would only use the easee station for my home.”

    Miron Shemo: Project Manager Krebs Elektro AG
  • “The easee charge robot robots impress me above all by their size and the many capabilities this station possesses! The simplicity of commissioning is amazing!”

    Roland Imfeld: CEO of AC / DC Elektro GmbH
  • “From the point of view of a service provider in the field of sustainable energy production and its distribution, we see the new easee Charge stations as the most innovative product on the market. In short: Efficient, well thought-out, attractively priced, and simple in terms of installation and overall handling. Exactly what we need!”

    Arno Krey: CEO Akkula GmbH
  • “That’s really an easy system! Super simple and thought-out from A-Z and the product keeps everything it promises.”

    Silvan Bingesser: CEO Bingesser Huber Elektro AG
  • “Wow, this is by far the best charging system I’ve ever seen! We will immediately adjust all offers and switch to easee.”

    Oli Lacher: CEO Bichler AG
  • “Well, I have to say, that’s really very easy – the brand name says it all! A really brilliant system!”

  • “What cool charging stations! I’ve never seen such small, powerful and technologically advanced products!”

    Stefan Steinmann: Project Manager Etavis AG
  • “These charging stations are awesome! We are much faster in installing and commissioning! Especially the configuration via the beautifully designed WebApp is extremely user-friendly.”

    Andi Bühler: CEO Hustech Installations AG
  • “If this charging station really delivers what it promises, you have the best conditions to conquer this market!”

    Albert Lehmann, CEO swisscharge.ch AG