In October, Easee reached half a million chargers installed globally. A feat we’re proud of in itself, but even more so considering it was achieved within just 4 years! This signifies a milestone for Easee as a company but is also a sign that we’re at the forefront of the green shift in Europe..

On a peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean, in the far west of Great Britain we find Cornwall. A historic area known for its rich cultural heritage, beautiful beaches and eponymous pasties. A place not quite like the rest of Great Britain. It’s almost like time passes a little slower here. It is so beautiful.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and after years of farming, fishing and mining, Cornwall is now becoming a technological hub. Home to several forward-thinking companies and an increasing number of electric cars on the roads.

The smart charger by Easee found its way to Cornwall.

The green shift in Cornwall

In the driveway of one of the many beautiful summer homes which dot Cornwall’s rugged coastline in Holywell Hill, Easee’s charger number 500,000 has been installed. It was chosen not only because of its modern design which matches the architecture of the house perfectly, but also because of its smart technology.

The London-based entrepreneur Sunil Modhvadia bought his Cornish holiday home in 2017 and has since turned it in to an EV friendly holiday rental.

“My guests drive electric cars more and more often. I wanted to put a stop to their range anxiety by offering them charging at the house”, says Sunil Modhvadia.

Modhvadia is passionate about sustainability and wanted a smart charging solution with software that is ready for the future.

“It gives me great joy to attract customers and guests who are environmentalists.”, says Sunil Modhvadia.

More and more people are getting electric cars

To be frank, it’s not exactly like the electrical cars are taking over the roads in the UK, but the number is constantly increasing.

The same goes for the rest of Europe. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), electric cars accounted for 17 percent of Europe’s car sales in 2021. This is an increase of 65 percent from the previous year.

No wonder there is a need for chargers in the leading holiday destinations in the UK.

20 percent of Easee’s chargers are located in the UK. Easee’s founder and CEO Jonas Helmikstøl assures that it is not a coincidence.

“The UK is an important strategic market for us. We knew from the beginning that the market trends are strong there.“

For example, in 2015, only 80,000 registered vehicles were plug-in, yet by the end of 2022, this figure had risen to over 1 million. With the UK Government’s plans to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, this could pave the way for the UK to become one of the biggest electric car markets in Europe.

Man with dark hair smiling to the camera
“Hopefully people understand what difference our products will make for the society”, Jonas Helmikstøl says.

The charging robot leading way in the green shift

Helmikstøl thinks it’s cool that charger number 500,000 is in historic Cornwall, and he proudly highlights that Easee reached such that number in only four years. It says a lot about the changes taking place in Europe within energy management.

“People are beginning to understand that resources are not infinite. It has taken time to get there, but now people want to make choices that are good for society and for the world, Helmikstøl says.”

For Helmikstøl, it is confirming that what Easee is doing is right. With ambitions to shape the electricity grid of the future, people need to prioritise buying the best products that actually do contribute to the green shift.

“Our chargers balance load and facilitate electrification. When buying our product, customers are helping to prevent the development of more grids. That’s a big deal!”

Solving the global energy challenge

In idyllic Cornwall, Martin Darby is one of the local electricians. He has great knowledge of how technology can be part of the solution to the global energy challenge.

It was Darby ‘s task to find the right charger for Modhvadia, with a nice design and strong software.

” Sunil was a quality-conscious customer who wanted seamless and forward-looking technology. We see this with more and more of our customers.”

Darby is therefore proud to contribute to Easee’s growth by installing the now somewhat famous charger in Cornwall.

“The fact that it is in Cornwall perhaps speaks to how global the development of electric transport actually is – and how well-read the customers have become. There is no way back with fossil fuels – this is the new everyday life”.

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