The Easee Charging Robot is designed to simplify your everyday life. It’s suitable for all cars, for all charging purposes, and is packed with technology and safety features.

Electricity is no joke. In most cases, an electric car can draw more power than any other device you’ll find in a typical home. With so much power at play, it’s important to ensure safety, to avoid overheating and, in the worst case, fire – and you do that by putting in place a smart charging solution that’s ready for the job.

Right from the start, we have focused on designing, producing and further developing an innovative and smart charger where the focus on customer safety has been a common thread throughout our development process.

Safety first

Our chargers are always online. We monitor our chargers, update features, alert you to errors and troubleshoot any problems, so that the EV charger you have at home always keeps pace with technological developments.

Easee has over half a million chargers installed across Europe. For you and us to sleep well at night, we need to know that the product is safe. In the video at the top of the page, we explain how we work with safety and what has been done to make the Easee charger as safe as possible.

For those with a special interest: We’ve obviously tested every single safety feature of the charging robot thousands of times, but entertainment-wise, we can’t compete with the guys at eFIXX. Check out the video below! 💙

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