Charge your EV with solar energy

With Easee Solar EV Charging you will be able to charge your EV with excess solar energy generated from a solar panel system or any other renewable source.

This will be achieved through our smart EV charging ecosystem that is designed to track the solar energy production and adjusts the charging rate accordingly.

Easee solar charging balances the electricity demand with the supply, helping to reduce strain on the grid.

Powering your freedom

The Easee app offers two different charging modes to cater to your specific needs and preferences. These modes can be customized to optimize your charging experience based on what works best for you.

  • Solar: Charge your car only using your solar panels.
  • Grid + Solar: Charge your car with both energy from the grid and from you solar panels.
  • App interface with solar charging

Charge your car with clean, renewable energy without the need for grid electricity or a mix of both sources while balancing the electricity supply and demand on the grid.

  • Easee charger with solar panels on roof

Charge your EV with solar panels

Solar charging by Easee provides everything necessary to use your solar panels or any renewable energy source to charge your car. Super fast installation with Plug & Play, you are up and running within minutes.

Easee Equalizer

Easee Equalizer is a small smart device, designed to optimize your charging experience. It connects to your power meter and automatically balances the total energy level between the EV charger(s) and your building (home, cabin, apartment block or commercial building). It enables you to charge smarter, safer, faster and to install more EV chargers in your building.​

Dynamic load balancing

Charge your EVs faster when the building’s energy consumption is lower and avoid overload and power interruptions.

Solar charging

Enable full utilization from your building’s solar panels or any renewable energy source.

Seamless integration

All our products are designed for quick and easy installation. Plug & Play.

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