Thumbs up from the toughest judges

Holding an EU Type Examination Certificate from TÜV Rheinland, one of the world’s most rigorous inspection associations, speaks for itself – no need to just take our word for it.
The certificate serves as a solid assurance to our stakeholders that our technology is safe, reliable and aligns with all pertinent European standards.

  • EU type certificate

Safety first

Easee follows the EV standard, but we don’t stop there. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to raise the bar to create truly safe products that are built to last. Safety is always at the heart of everything we do.

  • Illustration of a lady plugging her cable into the charging box

Advanced temperature sensors

The Easee charger monitors for unexpected rise in temperature and will automatically shut down and notify you if a certain safety limit is reached.

  • Illustration showing the inside of a charging box, where the components are monitored

Automatic self-test

The charger has an integrated RCD that self-tests in between every charging session and at least once every 24 hours. By use of more than forty sensors inside, the charger continuously checks for faults and abnormal changes in currents, voltages, temperatures and humidity; both when in charging and standby mode.

  • Animation of a charging box driving through a set of checkpoints

Faulty wiring detection

The Easee charger automatically checks the wiring during installation and notifies the electrician if there is a fault. Information and assistance is also provided via the Easee Installer App. This means you can feel confident that your charger is installed correctly and is safe to use.

  • Animation of a charging box that has two cables with faults and three cables without faults

Critical error notification

Should a critical error occur at any time, the charger will enter into a safe mode and inform you with a red light, a notification in the Easee app and an alarm sound if necessary.

  • Animation of a charging box and a phone showing an error message to the user

No cables inside

Unlike traditional chargers, the Easee charger has no messy cables inside, which greatly reduces the risk of human error during assembly and production.

  • Animation of the components inside a charging box without any cables

Factory tested

Before leaving the factory, all chargers undergo complete testing to ensure that all functionality and safety features are in perfect working order.

  • Animation of a charging box being tested on an assembly line

Over-the-air updates

All Easee chargers are connected to our cloud and are continually updated with the latest software upgrades. This ensures that the charger always contains the latest functionality, so you can feel secure about the future.

  • Animation of a charging box being updated from the cloud

Angled and self-draining socket

The socket is angled at 45 degrees so the charging cable protrudes less from the wall. This protects the socket from external damage and enables it to self-drain to maintain a good connection over time.

  • The charging box has a 45-degree angle on the charging cable, to save space

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