Charge Core

A powerful and future-proof electric car charger for all your commercial charging needs.

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Maximum charging speed 

Charge up to 22 kW (32A) on a three-phase circuit and up to 7.36 kW (32A) on a single-phase circuit.

Cost-effective and scalable

Predictable, low-cost installation of multiple charging sites for workplaces, apartments, car parks and fleet companies. Save time and money with our innovative daisy chaining technology and the patented Easee Ready system.

Intelligent energy management

The chargers communicate locally via radio or WiFi to load and phase balance all available energy effectively. A queuing system keeps track of the charging order to allow fair sharing of energy in the building. Easee Control gives you full overview to manage your charging site.

Charge Core Specifications

General Pluss

  • Dimensions (mm): H: 256 x W: 193 x D: 106
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to +40°C
  • Weight: 1,5 kg
  • Available in black*
  • Manufacturer warranty: 5 years in accordance with Easee’s warranty procedure

*Other colour front covers can be purchased separately.


Remote and local control Pluss

  • WiFi 2,4 GHz b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Built-in e-SIM (LTE Cat M1)
  • OCPP 1.6 (over 4G and WiFi)
  • Easee LinkTM 868MHz Radio*
  • Built-in RFID/NFC reader for access control
  • Easee App for control, scheduling and monitoring

*EaseeLink™ is the communication method between Easee Products. It’s based on radio signal but also WiFi, if available.

Electrical Pluss

Voltage: 3 x 230/400V AC (±10%)
Grid frequency: 50 Hz
Power grid: TN, IT, TT

Charge Core charging power:

  • 1-phase: 1.4 kW (6A) – 7.36 kW (32A)
  • 3-phase TN: 4.1 kW (6A) – 22 kW (32A)
  • 3-phase IT: 2.4 kW (6A) – 12.7 kW (32A)

Chargers per site: Unlimited
Connection point: Type-2 socket
Load and phase balancing between chargers
Load and phase balancing works offline
Built-in energy meter
Automatic adjustment of charging speed based on available current*
Automatic phase balancing*

*Equalizer required for load and phase balancing multiple circuits towards the building.

Safety Pluss


  • Overload protection according to EN IEC 61851-1:2019
  • Integrated RCD type A 30 mA AC according to EN 60947-2, and 6 mA residual direct current detecting device (RDC-DD) complying with IEC 62955, 9.9
  • Dust/water: IP54 (backplate is IP22 without cover)
  • Impact resistance: IK10
  • Fire class: UL 94
  • Insulation class: I
  • Overvoltage category: III
  • Multiple built-in temperature sensors
  • Read more about Smart Safety


Theft protection:

  • The charging cable can be locked permanently in the charging station
  • Padlock bracket for theft protection of the chargeberry


  • Configuration can be done easily with the Easee Installer App
  • Quick set up with Easee Ready, replacing already installed blind covers with a charger
  • Innovative daisy chaining technology
  • Auto detection of power grid (TN, IT, TT)
  • Circuit breaker: Max 80 A (with instantaneous trip, maximum
    75 000 A ²s)
  •

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