Discover our range of reliable and future-proof EV chargers for all your home and commercial charging needs.

Universal 1 X

One size fits all. Our chargers support all EVs, phases and power grids.

Colours 5 x

Match to your car, home or personality. We’ve got you covered.

Sensors 40 x

Continuously monitor for changes in currents, voltages, temperature and humidity.

Installed 600 k

Insight gathered from installations across Europe.

Customisable 2 in 1

Choose whether you want your charger to be tethered or untethered by locking the cable using the Easee App.

Sustainable 1.5 kg

Our charger weighs only 1.5 kg. This means we save the environment a lot of copper and plastic per produced charger.

Powerful 22 kw

Charge on both 1 and 3 phase circuits and support charging speeds up to 22kW depending on the model.

Updated 24 /7

Automatically updated with new software upgrades, so you know you have bought a safe and future-proof product.

Setting the safety standard

All Easee products have a proven safety record and are rigorously tested and approved by accredited third party bodies. 
We take pride in the technologically advanced safety features, which are designed to ensure safe and efficient charging of your EV.

  • Illustration of temperature surveillance inside the charger

    Temperature monitoring

    The Easee charger monitors for unexpected rise in temperature and will automatically shut down and notify you if a certain safety limit is reached.

  • Illustrasjon av selvtesting av lader

    Automatic self-testing

    The charger has an integrated RCD that self-tests in between every charging session and at least once every 24 hours.

  • Illustrasjon av automatiske oppdateringer av elbillader

    Over-the-air updates

    All Easee chargers are connected to our cloud and are continually updated with the latest software upgrades. This ensures that the charger always contains the latest functionality, so you can feel secure about the future.

Watch the video For more information on safe and smart charging with Easee

Reliable local control

It’s good to keep in touch, even with your charger. With Easee’s new Bluetooth functionality*, you can control and monitor your charger locally, without relying on cloud services or internet connection.

*Installed chargers will need to be updated before you can use Bluetooth.

Bluetooth connection*

Trusted connection when you’re at home.
*Installed chargers will need to be updated before you can use Bluetooth.


No need for the cloud or internet connection.

Easee App

Management and control at your fingertips.

Thoughtful design, that simply works

Theres a lot more behind the charger’s good looks. The charger is made up of three essential parts: backplate, charging unit and front cover. This set up creates an extremely flexible and scalable solution that makes it future-proof; both for home and commercial charging use.

  • Backplate

    A certified electrician can set up and configure the backplate via NFC. Once configured, the backplate will know everything about the installation and share it with the charging unit.

  • Chargeberry

    The compact charging unit ensures that the advanced technology is protected at all times, and since it is a separate unit, it is easy to upgrade in the future.

  • Cover

    The front cover comes in 5 different colours to match your car, home or personality. Just click it on and you’re ready to charge!

Charge Lite receives a thumbs-up from TÜV

We got an EU Type Examination Certificate for our Charge Lite. This means the tech we build is safe and ticks all the regulatory boxes.

  • EU type certificate

Angled and self-draining socket

The socket is angled at 45 degrees so the charging cable protrudes less from the wall. This protects the socket from external damage and enables it to self- drain to maintain a good connection over time.

  • Animasjon av en ladeboks med 45 graders vinkel på ladekabelen

Award-winning design

Easee won the Red Dot Product Design Award 2021 for its groundbreaking charger design. 
The prestigious Red Dot-award is internationally recognized for great design that represents exquisite design quality. The Red Dot jury looked at all aspects – from packaging to functionality – and acknowledged the innovative approach and attention to detail that went into our charger.

  • Svart lader med Reddot-vinner 2021-logo

Future-proof with Easee Ready

With Easee Ready (backplate and blind cover) you can easily prepare for a future charging point at low cost. Simply install and program the backplate, and when the need for future charging arrives, make the charging point active by ordering an Easee Plug & Play charger. An ideal solution if you want to add an extra car to your driveway or scale up your commercial charging facilities.

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Color options


Anthracite grey


Dark blue



Our chargers are built to last and withstand all weather conditions, come rain or shine!


Made in Norway

We develop, design and manufacture all our products in Norway and export to countries all over Europe.

Theft protection

The charging cable can be locked permanently to the charger through the Easee-app.

Intelligent energy management

To set a high standard, our unique load and phase balancing technology is integrated into all our chargers. Together with the Easee Equalizer, it is possible to utilize close to 100% of the available energy capacity to charge your EV(s). This unrivalled technology is essential to accelerate the shift towards a fossil-free world, as green energy is in short supply. Therefore, it was not good enough to only include this important technology in a Pro-version of the charger – since the world depends on it!

  • En bil står oppstilt sammen med andre elektronikkprodukter, for å vise at du kan utnytte hjemmets fulle kapasitet

    Phase balancing

    Our phase balancing technology ensures you can keep charging when other traditional chargers would stop.

  • Equalizer placed inside the fuse cabinet

    Fuse protection

    The charger automatically adjusts charging speed to avoid the main fuse tripping.

  • White electric car charger mounted on a house with a solar panel

    Solar charging

    Charge your car with clean and renewable energy, without grid electricity or a mix of both, while balancing the energy supply and demand on the grid.

An ecosystem to power your freedom

Our smart charging ecosystem is designed to manage your power in a smarter way. It keeps track of solar energy production and adjusts the charging rate accordingly, helping to reduce strain on the grid whilst balancing all available power between your home appliances and your charger.

Fair game with MID

Our MID certified, Charge Max ensures accurate measurement and fair payment of energy usage in compliance with the EU Measuring Instruments Directive. Reliable and future-proof to use the chargers for commercial energy transactions.

Which charger is right for you?

Home charging

Home charging

Discover our new line up of reliable and future-proof chargers for all your home charging needs: Charge Lite and Charge Core. Local Bluetooth control ensures trusted connection and advanced smart safety features make it safe to charge – at all times. Thoughtfully designed and manufactured in Norway; home charging made easy.

Currently Charge Lite is available in Finnland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Mann lader hvit bil i underjordisk parkeringshus

Commercial charging

Discover our new line up of powerful and future-proof chargers for all your commercial needs: Charge Core and Charge Max. A scalable solution to support the expansion of multiple charging sites in MDUs and commercial settings. MID certified Charge Max ensures accurate measurement and fair payment of energy usage.

Intelligent. Scalable. Cost-effective.

Chargers Specifications

General Pluss

  • Dimension (mm): H: 256 x W: 193 x D: 106
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to + 50°C
  • Weight: 1,5 kg
  • Manufacturer warranty: 3 years*

*Some countries may have extended warranty.

Connectivity and integrations Pluss

  • Wi-Fi 2,4 GHz b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 4.3*
  • Easee LinkRF (between charger and Equalizer)
  • Built-in RFID/NFC reader for access control
  • Easee App for control and monitoring

    *Installed chargers will need to be updated before you can use Bluetooth. To use Bluetooth, the Easee app must be updated to version 2.0 and the firmware in your Easee charger must be version 316. You can check the firmware version in your charger by opening the Easee app and navigate to Charger settings -> About.

Electrical Pluss

  • Voltage: 3x 230 V / 400 V AC (±10%)
  • Grid frequency: 50 Hz
  • Power grid: TN, IT, TT
  • Connection point: Type-2 socket
  • Automatic adjustment of charging speed based on available current (Equalizer required)
  • Automatic charging with solar generation (Equalizer required)
  • Automatic phase balancing (Equalizer required)
  • Built-in energy meter

Safety Pluss

  • Protection:
    • Overload protection according to EN IEC 61851-1:2019
    • Built-in RCD protection (AC 30 mA / DC 6 mA)*
    • Dust/water: IP54
    • Impact resistance: IK10
    • Insulation class: I
    • Overvoltage category: III
    • 14 built-in temperature sensors for detection of poor connections and faults
      * External Type A RCD protection is required for Charge Lite. Built-in RCD protection provides additional safety and automatic function testing
  • Theft protection:
    • The charging cable can be locked permanently in the charging station
    • Padlock bracket for theft protection
  • Installation:
    • Auto detection of power grid (TN, IT, TT)
    • Circuit breaker: Maks 40A
    • Fuse size must be configured in the backplate by an electrician using the Installer App

Disclaimer Pluss

For Austria, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland:
Charge Lite and Charge Core are home-charging devices manufactured and designed strictly for residential use only. Charge Lite and Charge Core chargers shall not be used for non-residential use. Residential use is to be understood as use in or around an individual’s own residence. Charge Lite and Charge Core chargers at all times must make use of an individual’s private connection to the electricity grid. Charge Lite and Charge Core chargers cannot be used for charging electric vehicles for which reimbursement is desired, based on the realized consumption of electricity. Charge Lite and Charge Core chargers cannot be used to calculate this consumption.

For Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK:
Charge Lite and Charge Core are not MID compliant. In some markets, MID compliance is not a requirement yet for charging electric vehicles for which reimbursement is expected or consumption is reported as a cost in tax filings; please check local rules for more information.

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