We can’t change the world on our own, and we rely on great partners to help us move forward. We have fantastic partners across Europe who offer exciting services and unique expertise.

We have four main kinds of partners


A wholesaler buys products from us and sells them to their customers.


Our everyday heroes. They typically buy from a wholesaler and assemble the products at the end user’s premises.


Physical or digital shops, car dealers and others who buy and resell our products. See our retailers.

Integration partners

Partners who use our APIs and provide a service in combination with our products. See our integration partners.

Extended family

Our partners must want to help make the world a better place. Together we are developing the electricity grid of the future and a culture that moves mountains.


We develop products that simply work – together and separately. That saves you time and money.

Grow with us

Easee has more than 600 000 chargers installed across Europe. Many partners have started small but grown big with us.

Become a partner

We are always looking for more partners to help us shape the electricity network and business culture of the future.

Products and services that work together

We are creating an ecosystem that accelerates electrification to shape a sustainable future for humanity. Nothing less!