The Easee app lets you manage your Easee Charging Robots. In the app, you have access to all your facilities and the various Charging Robots. The app is available for both Android and iOS. Download directly from Google Play or the App Store.


  • Look at data history and how much you’ve charged each month.

  • Set when the electric car is to be charged, for example when the electricity is cheapest.

  • Easee app

    See charging status. Start and stop charging at any time.

  • Do you have a red Easee Charger Robot? Of course you can change the color of the Charger Robot in the app, too!

  • With the Easee Equalizer, you can monitor the power consumption of your home, cottage or building via the Easee app.

Why use the Easee App? Anytime,

With the Easee app, you always have full control over your Charging Robots, whether you are at home or on the go. The Easee Robot is always connected as it supports both WiFi and comes with built-in e-sim. You can check the status of the charger, adjust the charging power and schedule a charging session.

See functions in the app Pluss

  • See charging status

  • Start and pause charging

  • Adjust charging power

  • Schedule charging sessions

  • Access control

  • Lock the charging cable + much more …

User friendly One app,
full control!

Adding your products is simple with step-by-step instructions in the app.
You can easily control all the products in your various facilities.
Quick access to configuration of your facilities, for example your home or cabin.

Security and
access control

Decide whether the Charger Robot should always be open or whether you want to use the Easee Key to start charging. An Easee Key is the same as an RFID tag. You can easily add or remove Easee Keys through the app. You can also choose whether the cable should always be locked to the Charging Robot, even when there is no active charging session. This way you can be sure that no one can steal the charging cable, even when it is not connected to the car.


  • Easee app til din hjemmelader

Easy to use Download and
open the app.

1. Download

The app is available for both Android and iOS. Download the app directly from App Store or Google Play.

2. Create account

Start by filling in your personal information. You will receive an SMS to activate your account. Activate it and you’re ready to log in!

3. Add product

Press the + button to add a new product or press “Add Product” in the menu and follow the step-by-step instructions.

4. Configure and enjoy

Easee’s charging experience is hassle-free, wether you’re configuring your first Charging Robot or customising your third.

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