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In Easee Control you can manage and keep control of one or more charging facilities you may have access to. In addition, Easee Control is used to manage your profile and your customer relationship with us. We want you to control our products – not our products to control you.

  • Easee Control runs directly in the browser and can be used on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

  • From your Easee Cloud profile, you can easily manage your personal account.

  • hold styr på elbilladeren i borettslag og sameie med easee portal

    Check the condition of each charger, WiFi signal, connection to the mobile network, software version and more.

  • Accessories – Easee Key
    RFID chip with access control and pay for the power you use (kWh).

  • Generate and export detailed reports for consumption on chargers, users or Easee Keys.

Full overview,
over your installation

If you manage a larger charging system, you know that this can be time consuming and confusing. Easee Control contains all the most important functions you need and provides a full overview and control of your installation. Here you can manage your Easee EV chargers, set charging price, status of the system, etc. Easee Control is free of charge and is continuously being developed.

See all features Pluss

  • Manage one or more charging systems
  • Dashboard with status for the entire facility
  • Full control of every single EV charger
  • Keep track of each individual’s power consumption by registering their charging with an Easee Key (RFID tag) or through the app.
  • Set charging price 
  • Provide access and determine roles
  • Users can manage their personal account, manage their Easee Keys and access personal consumption
  • Generate consumption reports and exports as PDF, Worksheet or CSV + much more…

Easee Cloud

From your Easee Cloud profile you can easily manage your personal account. Here you get access to your Easee chargers and your personal consumption.

Charging system

We have made it easy for you to monitor the load on your charging system. You decide what information you want to have available.


Customise your dashboard the way you want. Check how many EV chargers are charging, how many are fully charged and how much power they use.

Users and roles

As the administrator of a charging system, you easily invite users with their phone numbers. Users manage their Easee Keys from their own ease Cloud profile.


As an administrator, you can see details about the consumption of the system per week, month or year for all users and all chargers. Users can see their personal consumption via their Easee Cloud profile.


Generate detailed reports for consumption on chargers, users or Easee Keys. The reports have an automatic calculation of VAT.

Full control of every single Easee EV charger

If you need to take a deep dive into the details of a specific EV charger in a facility, you have everything you need in Easee Control. From the portal, you can check the condition of each charger, the WiFi signal, connection to the mobile network, software version and more.

Easee Cloud user account Log in or
create an account

1. Log in

If you already have an account in the Easee App, log in with the same credentials here. If you don’t have an account, you can → Create a new one.

2. Create an account

Start by filling in your personal information. You will receive an SMS to activate your account. Activate it and you’re ready to log in!

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