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Why choose the Easee One?

Easee One is intelligent and adapts to all electric vehicles, power supplies and mains. With our home charging solution there is no need to think about technical specifications – the Easee One will automatically detect what power the vehicle requires.

Built to comply with UK regulations, the Easee One comes with both integrated RCD protection (AC 30mA / DC 6mA) and open PEN conductor protection. 

Benefits of having a home EV charging point

Faster charging 3 X

With Easee One, you can charge up to 3x times faster than with a regular outlet. It charges as quickly as possible with the available capacity and provides you with the highest charging power.

Customisable 2 in1

Choose whether you want your charger to be tethered or untethered by locking the cable using the Easee App.

Powerful 7 kW

Easee One charges on single phase power and supports charging up to 
7 kW. It has a Type 2 universal charging connector.

Always updated 24 /7

The Easee One is automatically updated with new software updates as soon as they become available. This way you know you have bought a safe and future-proof product.

  • Integrated open PEN conductor protection, i.e., no need for earth rod
  • Reduced cost and time to install
  • Fully dynamic charging power 1.4–7.4 kW
  • Load balancing of up to 3 units per fuse by integrated wireless communication
  • Automatic queuing system
  • Offline proof load balancing
  • Built-in eSIM (LTE CAT M1 / GSM). If you buy now, you get a subscription included for life (assuming there is coverage)
  • Possibility of WiFi connection
  • Permanent locking of the Type 2 cable
  • Integrated earth fault protection (RCD)
  • Integrated RFID reader (NFC / ISO 14443 and MIFARE Classic)
  • Energy measurement (+/- 2 %), for reading charge consumption
  • The box is smaller than most other solutions and weighs only 1.5 kg
  • 3 year warranty
  • Universal, fits all types of electric cars and mains
  • Full control with the Easee app or local WiFi interface, and open API
  • Tethered or untethered, at the click of a button

Easee One

  • “Small, discreet, and available in a range of five colours (white, red, dark blue, anthracite and black), the Easee One was developed in Norway specifically for the UK market. The Easee App gives you full remote control of your charger.”

    Review by Carwow: 10 Best Home EV Chargers in the UK
  • “Our Drive Power survey has ranked Easee as the top home charger, ahead of Hypervolt and zappi.”

    “Easee lived up to its brand name by clinching the ease of use category, but it also came out on top for satisfaction across a range of categories, including smartphone app, installation, reliability and how well made the unit is. Second places for style and customer service, along with a third for charging speed, cemented the win.”


    Auto Express Driver Power 2024 Best Home EV Chargers Survey
  • “The Easee One is the best EV charger on the market right now. I’ve tested all the chargers we install as well as others we don’t – the Easee has been the best overall experience.”

    Review by Smart Home Charge
  • “Our top pick is the Easee One. We like the futuristic yet minimal design, spliced with Scandinavian ingenuity and edge.”

    Review by Green.Car
  • “The Easee One is a drop-dead gorgeous smart charger. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a Scandinavian company, with clean lines, geometric minimalism and functionality baked into its core. It really is a triumph in design.”

    Review by Topcharger

FAQ: Home EV charging​

1. Why should I get a home charger for my electric car?

Using a smart home charger is safer and faster than charging from an electrical outlet. The Easee One also allows you to monitor and optimise your energy consumption, so you stay in control.

2. How long does it take to charge the car?

With Easee One you can charge up to three times faster than in a standard electrical outlet. It utilises all the power capacity you have available, and guarantees you the highest charging power.

3. Will the Easee One work with my electric car?

Yes. The Easee One is designed to be compatible with all types of electric car and automatically adjusts to the power available in your home.

4. How much does it cost to charge the car?

It’s difficult to answer, since the price of electricity varies hour to hour. However the Easee One is packed with technology that will allow you to set schedules and charge when the electricity is the cheapest.

OZEV Grants

If you own and live in a flat, or rent any residential property you could be eligible for the Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Grant. This could reduce the cost of your home charger by £350.

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