Easee Control allows you to manage and keep track of one or more charging sites. Additionally, Easee Control is used to manage your profile and your customer relationship with us. We want you to control our products – not for our products to control you.

  • Easee Control laptop and mobile

    Easee Control runs directly in the browser, which means you can use it on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

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    Manage your personal account with ease from your Easee Cloud profile.

  • Laptop showing Easee Control

    Check the status of each charger, WiFi signal, mobile network connection, software version and more.

  • Easee keys

    Accessories – Easee Key
    RFID tag with access control and pay for the electricity you use (kWh).

  • Charging consumption report

    Generate and export detailed reports on charger consumption, users or Easee Keys.

Complete overview of the site

Managing a large charging site can be time-consuming and complex. Easee Control offers all the essential features you need, giving you complete oversight and control of your site. With Easee Control, you can manage EV chargers, set charging prices, monitor the facility’s status, and more. Best of all, Easee Control is free of charge and continuously developed.

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  • Manage one or more charging sites
  • Dashboard showing the status of the site
  • Complete control of every single EV charger
  • Track each person’s electricity usage by having them register charging sessions with an Easee Key (RFID tag) or through the app (coming soon)
  • Set charging prices
  • Grant access and assign roles
  • Users can manage personal accounts and Easee Keys, and access personal consumption data
  • Generate consumption reports and export as PDF, Worksheet or CSV and more…

Easee Cloud

Manage your personal account with ease from your Easee Cloud profile. From there, you can access your EV chargers and personal consumption data.

Charging Site

We have made monitoring your charging site’s load easy. You decide which information you want to view.


Customize the dashboard to your liking. Keep track of the number of EV chargers currently in use, those that have finished charging, and the amount of power they are consuming.

Users and Roles

As the administrator of a charging site, you can easily invite users via their phone numbers. Users then manage their own Easee Keys directly from their Easee Cloud profile.


As the administrator, you can view site consumption data per week, month or year for all users and all chargers. Users can access their Easee Cloud profile to view their personal consumption data.


Generate detailed reports on charger consumption, users or Easee Keys. The reports will calculate VAT automatically.

Complete control of every single EV charger

Whenever you need to delve deep into the details of a single charger on a site, Easee Control is the one-stop shop that offers everything you need. Easee Control allows you to check the status of all individual chargers, as well as the WiFi signal, mobile network connection, sofware version etc.

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Log in or create an account

Easee Cloud User Account

1. Log in

If you already have an Easee App account, simply sign in to Easee Control using the same credentials. If you do not have an account, you will need to → Create a new one.

2. Create account

Begin by filling in your personal data. You will then receive an SMS to activate your account. Activate, and you are ready to sign in!

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