Easee Mount is a durable and weatherproof mounting plate for your Easee charger. Installing your charger on narrow or uneven surfaces such as slats or stone, is easily done. This gives you more freedom to place the charger exactly where you prefer.

  • Easee Mount allows you to install your EV charger on surfaces as narrow as 40mm.

  • Control your cable. Easee Mount is equipped with a handy cable holder.

Safe and secure mounting on narrow or uneven surfaces

Why Easee Mount?

Easee Mount makes sure the EV charger is securely mounted on challenging surfaces. The mounting plate is constructed in a way that gives you a uniform and flat surface that covers the entire back of the EV charger. The plate can be mounted on surfaces as narrow as 40mm. The mounting plate consists of steel covered with a very durable and scratch resistant powder coating with an integrated cable hook.

Easee Mount Allows for mounting on narrow and uneven surfaces

Incredibly easy to mount

The Mounting Process

1. Mount the plate

Fasten the mounting plate to a wall/surface using the included screws. When mounting the plate, please use the three larger holes.

2. Mount the EV charger

When the mounting plate is mounted, attach the EV charger to it with screws, this time using the four outer holes.

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