Elsäkerhetsverket announced this week that no physical improvements are required for already installed Easee Home and Easee Charge charging boxes.

The reason given was that the faults that may occur currently do not pose any danger to people or property. To map out any long-term effects due to wear and usage, Elsäkerhetsverket has also requested that Easee provide a forecast of expected faults, as well as reporting of actual faults afterwards. It is a measure we happily accommodate.

In Norway, Nkom, which has been waiting for a final decision from the Swedes, confirmed that they support the decision of Elsäkerhetsverket. This means that there will be no requirements to make changes to the installation or installed charging boxes in Norway.

– This is a milestone for Easee and all our partners. We know our products are safe, and have worked hard to strengthen the technical documentation. The decision from the Elsäkerhetsverket confirms that we have succeeded in this, and our existing customers can finally relax and continue charging without worrying about safety, says CEO of Easee, Erik Færevåg.

Easee would like to take this opportunity to send a big thank you to end customers, partners, and electricians for the massive support we have received over the past year. <3

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