Last year, over 60.000 Easee chargers were sold in Norway. Most of them are installed on a house or garage wall. On the west coast of Norway just outside Egersund, Atle Gjengedal has chosen a different approach to installing a charger by his new cabin.

«Easee at home» is a series where we get to know the people who have purchased an Easee product. Why did they choose Easee and how is our technology improving their everyday life?

Charger on the rocks

In the middle of the breathtaking landscape towards the North Sea, about 10 minutes from Egersund center, lies the idyllic Eigerøy. The island is known for technical industry and the iconic Eigerøy lighthouse. Here, the Gjengedal family has bought a holiday property with a stunning sea view. With two electric cars as their main form of transport, the family needed a safe and secure charger. The installation of their Easee Charging Robot was definitely a unique one. 

– I’m generally very interested in the world of technology, so I was already familiar with Easee. The fact that it could also be connected to the Tibber functionalities made it an easy choice. The installation is quite unique, but it fits well into the landscape, don’t you think? says Atle.

Home charger mounted on a rock wall
Easee Home with a creative placement – assisted by 60 meters of cable. 

Making life Easee for the installer

MG Elektro is a locally renowned company from Egersund and did the installation at the property. Their electricians are pleased about the simplicity of the Easee products – making the installation run smoothly. The company, with almost 30 employees, has seen an increasing demand for EV chargers – clearly following the rise in EV sales.

– We’ve noticed a significant change in the last year. The demand is massive, and many people want a charger at home ­– as well as at their cabin. With Easee’s product, it’s straight forward and perhaps the simplest charger I’ve installed. You barely even need the instructions, says Runar Østebrød with a twinkle in his eye. He also adds: – It makes our everyday life as electricians easier when we need to install several charging units in one day and at different locations. This saves us both time and a lot of logistics.

Runar Østebrød from MG Elektro is going to be installing many Easee chargers in 2021.

The future of EV charging

The choice of an Easee Home is as much about the future as it is about the present for the Gjengedal family. Easee Home is an intelligent charger and adapts to all electric cars, currents and grids. Therefore, it also works perfectly for holiday homes which often has a simpler set-up. The updates are also automatic, ensuring that the software is always up to date.

– In addition to a great design, the Easee Home is more future-oriented than many other products on the market. This means that I don’t have to buy a new charger, as the Charging Robot software updates itself. I get a lot of value for money by choosing Easee, says Atle.

Atle Gjengedal is happy with his Easee charger – mounted on the rock.

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