At Easee we have reached a significant milestone as a company. A milestone that just as incredible as it is mind-blowing. In just three years we have gone from a passionate “start-up” to a global brand with the world at our feet.

In 2018 we spent the most of the year developing the first part of an ecosystem. An ecosystem that will challenge all established truths about electricity, distribution and efficiency as we know it today. We did it because we want to make the world a better place, fair and more sustainable. A world where we are allowed to be human, different and bold. A world where you can focus on the aspects of life that give you positive energy. And the surplus that enables you to share the positive energy with the people around you.

The first part of our ecosystem consists of 734 carefully selected components. Every single one of them: compared, challenged and tested. Benchmarks and standards are just bare minimum. Only the best components were selected. Streamlined for scale in production and distribution. So much groundbreaking innovation that we had to protect our solutions with several patents. And design so good that it could fool people into thinking that creating world class esthetics was our only mission.

We wanted a product complex enough for our electrical engineers, and simple enough for everyone else. Beautiful, complex and advanced simplicity. For the future and for the common good. For the electricians that work on the clock, and the customer that pays for their time. For the users that want something that “just works” – and compliments the house or garage. For the world to realize that the growth in EV’s will push for a smarter power grid, and not additional infrastructure, digging of soil and increased cost for the end consumer of electricity .

The competition is, and has been, very apparent on the level of this particular first part of our ecosystem. There is a lot of focus on companies like ours, and the industry is on the rise so to speak. And the short-term profit is driving companies to release products and solutions that might work fine for a couple of years – at the most. The focus is on creating value for the company, and not the other way around with the company creating value for its users. Now, guess which one we are. Together with dedicated production partners like Norautron, we have taken a position in the market that will benefit the end consumer in many ways.

The massive growth we have experienced and healthy economy that follows are our freedom. Our freedom to innovate, explore, recruit, listen and test. And fail. And test some more. Because no-one has done what we have done or will do. Our competitor is the established truths of what’s possible. And in January 2021, we just made our 100.000 mark in manufactured units – a giant step in the right direction.