Sustainability; More than just a buzzword

Rigmor Haga is our Sustainability Manager in Easee. To her, sustainability means everything. She has worked within the field long before sustainability was a buzzword, and on everybody’s agenda.

– When you see the products, you think 'I did that!'

Easee operates as a family of both employees and partners. Together, we take the journey from ideas to finished products that reimagine our relationships with energy and transportation.

The path to a more sustainable business culture

Our Chief Caretaker and CEO, Jonas Helmikstøl took to the stage at TEDx Sustainable Living in Norway to share his thoughts on creating a sustainable business culture.

There is something about Jakob

We have found common ground with one of the most interesting sporting families in the world – and have now taken the partnership to the next level!

Easee at home: Seaside charging

Last year, over 60.000 Easee chargers were sold in Norway. Most of them are installed on a house or garage wall. On the west coast of Norway just outside Egersund one customer has chosen a different approach to the installation.

Say hello: Magnus Haugaasen

Say hello to our Senior Cloud Developer, Magnus!

People first

Meet: Tina Rødland

Meet our Product Manager, Tina Rødland! A self-proclaimed tech-lover who can defend herself in four genres of martial arts!

Dear easeeetonian – Thank you!

This has been a special week for us at easee. When our cloud goes down, it doesn't go unnoticed. Our CEO comes with a heartfelt update.

Meet: Effie Vraka

Say hello to our Head of Operations in UK, Effie Vraka! She is passionate about green technology and describes our company as a true unicorn.