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Why choose a home
charging solution?

Under new building regulations in both Scotland & England, each new build property will require to have provision of or access to electric vehicle charging points.

Our solutions make it easy to invest in smart, future-proof technology that can easily be scaled as EV adoption increases.

Note: At present no changes have been announced for EV charging requirements for Wales and Northern Ireland.

Future-proof 24 /7

Our EV chargers are updated with new features continuously. We can also remotely detect and fix most problems and do proactive maintenance.

Reliable 3 year

Each EV charger comes with a 3-year warranty. This gives you assurance that our chargers are built to last.

Secure X RFID

Integrated RFID reader. Only allow authorised users to charge by assigning RFID keys to activate charging sessions.

Universal 100 %

Our EV chargers are designed to be compatible with every type of EV and power supply.

  • Integrated open PEN conductor protection, i.e., no need for earth rod
  • Reduced cost and time to install
  • Fully dynamic charging power 1.4–7.4 kW
  • Load balancing of up to 3 units per fuse by integrated wireless communication
  • Automatic queuing system
  • Offline proof load balancing
  • Built-in eSIM (LTE CAT M1 / GSM). If you buy now, you get a subscription included for life (assuming there is coverage)
  • Possibility of WiFi connection
  • Permanent locking of the Type 2 cable
  • Integrated earth fault protection (RCD)
  • Integrated RFID reader (NFC / ISO 14443 and MIFARE Classic)
  • Energy measurement (+/- 2 %), for reading charge consumption
  • The box is smaller than most other solutions and weighs only 1.5 kg
  • 3 year warranty
  • Universal, fits all types of electric cars and mains
  • Full control with the Easee app or local WiFi interface, and open API
  • Tethered or untethered, at the click of a button

Easee Ready

We know that charging requirements change over time, and there may be a concern around investing in expensive charging solutions for houses that will remain unoccupied longer than others.

This is where our innovative Easee Ready solution can help.

Our patented solution allows you to install the backplates across all your properties. Then, when the need for charging arises, simply order the ‘Plug and Play’ EV charger and clip it in to make the chargepoint active.

No need for additional infrastructure materials or installation costs – it really is that easy!

Safety first RCD and PEN protection

Designed specifically for the UK domestic market, the Easee One comes with both integrated RCD protection (AC 30mA / DC 6mA) and open PEN conductor protection. This allows for a quick install with no additional earthing solutions required.

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3-year warranty