In 2022, we’ll be hiring a lot of new faces.  Our goal is to grow from 200 to closer to 600 employees across seven countries within the year. Some will call the speed we’re going at crazy – we’re ok with that and can’t wait to take on the challenge! 

Technological and organizational development both happen at an extremely fast pace. What was top of mind one quarter might be at the bottom of the pile the next, and what was planned after the summer might have to be re-evaluated before the first winter snowfall.  

Growing this quickly also means that we need to ensure that the people around us understand where we’re heading and what our ambitions are. Let’s just put it out there: we’re going to be one of the biggest greentech companies in Europe within the next three to five years, and one of the largest worldwide within the next seven to ten years.  

To achieve these goals we need more people. We’re first and foremost looking at the person, their drive and their skills. In that order. On top of that we believe in you who are inspired by the idea of building a business culture where we put people first – always.

We’re currently looking for the right person for the following positions in our international locations:

United Kingdom:



We’d love to hear from you! ❤️