At Easee, our vision is to shape the power grid of the future. How? By developing future-orientated products that ensure the available energy is used optimally. All while saving you precious time and money so you can spend them on the things that matter to you.

This is why we’re excited to announce the newest product in our Easee line-up: The Easee Equalizer!

Everything in balance

The Easee Equalizer is a device that allows you to use the energy in your home more efficiently by making the most of every electron.

Normally, the amount of energy available in your home is divided statically between your house and your EV charger, resulting in limited charging capacity. However, the Easee Equalizer continuously measures the energy used in your home and dynamically allocates the free amount to your Easee charging robots. So, if you’re using less electricity in your home, more electricity will be available for charging your electric vehicle.

By automatically balancing the energy between your home and your EV charger, the Equalizer allows you to charge smarter and faster.

Charlie O’Donoghue, Head of Product Easee UK explains ‘UK charging regulations are the most advanced in the world, and while Active Load Management is not currently a legal requirement in the UK, we have no doubt that it will be soon. The Equalizer is simple to install and starts delivering the benefits to customers instantly.

Hello sunshine

If that wasn’t enough, the Easee Equalizer is also compatible with solar panels, and another renewable sources, such as wind turbines. This means you can charge your electric car with cleaner energy while also reducing demand on the grid!

Today, how we make and use energy is becoming even more important. We believe that this new feature is a great way to help you make the most of the renewable energy you create, in an easy and sustainable way.

Csilla Heim, Uk Country Director adds ‘The energy crisis has led to rocketing demand for solar energy and with The Equalizer, our customers can lighten the load on the planet and their wallets by using self-generated energy to power their cars. There is also the flexibility to mix energy from the grid and renewables to ensure consistent charging in all weather conditions.

We understand that not everyone is ready for solar just yet, so when they are ready, they can just switch on when they want. Ultimately, The Easee Equalizer can save our customers money and help them become greener’.

Solar charging

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