Meet Hannah Rankin: Reigning World Boxing Association (WBA) and International Boxing Organisation (IBO) 154lb World Champion, Scotland’s first female boxing World Champion, professional bassoon player and our newly appointed Global Cultural Performance Ambassador. We spoke to her about how her mentality helps her succeed, the value of teamwork and what this partnership means to her. 

Growing up in a musical household in the heart of the Scottish countryside, it’s hardly a surprise that Hannah’s first career was in music. An accomplished bassoonist, she studied at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland before completing a master’s degree at The Royal Academy of Music. It wasn’t until her early 20s that she discovered her drive and passion for boxing where she quickly climbed the ranks. 

To be at the pinnacle of one professional career is a feat in itself, but to successfully live two at the same time takes a special kind of person. 

Partnerships not sponsorships

At Easee we never enter into sponsorships, only partnerships. This is founded on a genuine desire to only collaborate with those that share the same values as us. It’s no secret that we have great ambitions, but we know we can only achieve them through trust and cohesive teamwork. This is one of the things that stands out most when speaking to Hannah; how much she values her team and those around her. 

‘‘Everyone gets a bit confused and thinks that boxing is a very individual sport, because at the end of the day it’s just me in the ring on fight night. But for me to get to that position I have a team around me that’s put the game plan together and got me to the best position I can be in.’’

A perfect match

Considering that performing at such high levels isn’t just tough physically, but mentally too, these are qualities that also make Hannah an ideal choice. Partnering with her as our Global Cultural Performance Ambassador means that through a series of workshops, training sessions and speaker events across the Easee regions, we can take the learnings she’s acquired over the years to help us perform better personally and professionally.  

‘‘It’s so important to visualise every possible outcome and how you’re going to beat whatever challenge is in front of you. In life and in our careers taking 3 positives and 3 things you want to work on from these situations is the best way to improve and make each day a little bit better than the one before.’’

Striving to constantly learn and improve is vitally important at Easee. In fact, whenever a new Easeetonian joins the company, they commit to becoming the best versions of themselves, in whatever way matters most to them. An easy concept to grasp, but if you’ve spent your whole life being taught to ‘fit the mould’ or to be the version of yourself that your teachers, parents or previous employers expect, it can be difficult to know where to start. 

‘’Staying physically fit is important, but you need to work on your mental health as well. You need to know when you need down time and to give yourself time to rest. This is how I work on being the best version of myself. It’s also what I’m looking forward to bringing to Easee. To teach people how to access what works for them mentally and how they can prepare for situations to get the best out of themselves. Everybody’s different and it’s one of the hardest things to learn!’’

At Easee our success is founded on the cultural laws we value and practise everyday. In Hannah we’ve found an ideal partner from who we can continue to learn and grow both personally and professionally. This is how we shape the business culture of the future and help to make the world a better place.