Among some of the Norway’s finest and most innovative companies – our unique CEO and Chief Caretaker Jonas Helmikstøl received two awards during “Entrepreneur Of The Year” organized by EY. Jonas was awarded the main prize, along with “Young Entrepreneur of the Year”. First time in history that someone takes home two prizes.

At Easee, receiving awards is not what drives us or is the motivating factor. However, being recognized for hard work among Norway’s top entrepreneurs makes us humble and proud. Now we are preparing for the International finale in Monaco in June!

We take this opportunity to honor the other nominees and award winners who contribute to job creation and green growth for future generations:

Lars Dahle – at Dignio
Karl Munthe-Kaas – at Oda
Frode Nilsen – at Rana Gruber AS
Frank Holm & Anders Aas – at Revac
Lars Helge Helvig – at Valinor AS/Norsk Vind AS
Jakob Årsvold – at Årsvoll gård/Bergknapp AS
Christer Nordvik – at FotMob
Øyvind Bakke, Stig Kalvenes & Vidar Rabben – at Fjord Maritime

The jury’s reasoning for the main prizes states:

– The winner has through huge personal commitment, great timing and creative thinking been able to create an innovative and green-tech company with a rock solid international presence. The winner has shown great ability to see and position themselves for new markets, and be at the forefront of technology and sustainability, while taking care of the people at the same time. The company has had an enormous economic development, and are well positioned for further growth.