With the electric vehicle industry constantly evolving, it’s crucial that we continue to think anew, challenge those around us and actively choose to work with companies that share our visions and values. 

Our latest partnership is with Tap Electric, an Amsterdam based start-up that was founded out of a desire to make the charging experience better. In doing so, they hope to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles, resulting in a greener and more sustainable future. 

Charging with Easee

The Tap Electric app offers a comprehensive overview of trusted public chargers, including their availability, power and pricing, allowing consumers to confidently charge, no matter the time of day or location. 

At Easee, our products are specifically designed to offer end consumers the best charging experience. Partnering with Tap Electric allows us to extend this to offer an easy-to-use payment solution, providing an ecosystem that offers a seamless experience from A-Z.

Built on top of the Easee Cloud, the integrated software means that anyone who owns an Easee charger will be able to open it to the public, for free, and get reimbursed for the charging used. The owners are paid out automatically, based on the tariffs set, while drivers get access to those chargers with just the tap of a button. It really is that simple. 

Speaking on the partnership, Tap Electric founder Nico Spoelstra explains:

‘I started Tap Electric to make charging your car simple and affordable. We bring a unified, app-first charging experience that provides drivers with full control over their charging and payment. Easee’s systems approach to the energy transition matches perfectly with what Tap Electric is trying to achieve, making this the ideal partnership.’ 

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