Over 67.000 Easee chargers were sold in Norway last year. In 2021, the goal is to distribute no less than 550.000 to nearly 20 countries. In the city of Sandnes on the west coast of Norway you’ll find an Easee enthusiast with South African roots – who often talks to friends and colleagues about the Easee-charger instead of his cars.

“Easee at home” is a series where we get to know the people who have purchased an Easee product. Why did they choose Easee and how is our technology improving their everyday life?

Fascinated by southwestern Norway

– It’s my wife’s car, but she’s stuck in a Teams meeting. That’s the new normal nowadays, says Charl and points to the baby blue Taycan. He and his wife came to Norway and the rainy city of Bergen over four years ago. Their path took a northern turn thanks to a collaborative CO2-project through his wife’s employer in Johannesburg. She now works permanently at Equinor in Stavanger – while Charl works with advanced AI technology in one of the region’s largest banks.

– Life’s just too short to be stuck in one place all your life, that’s why we came here. Some may be surprised by that choice, but the Norwegian west coast is very suitable for both motorists and those who want to live an active life. We have a great interest in cars – but both my wife and I also do triathlons. Being out in the wild here is just fantastic, just look, he says and holds out his arms.

Taycan 2020 model with 680 electric horsepower. The colour is called Frozen Blue – with a red Easee Home in the background.

– I research everything

– Considering my daytime job, it’s natural for me to dig into the details on a deep level. So, when we were looking for a charger for the car, I went through the whole market and researched absolutely everything. Easee really stood out from the competitors and suited our needs. It’s also a massive bonus that the company is Norwegian, and that the charger is actually produced here. That’s the kind of thing that makes me, as a consumer, to choose this charger. It helps that it’s pretty, too, he says enthusiastically with a smile.

He continues with saying: – I have followed the company for a long time and seen what you have achieved in a really short time. It’s nothing but impressive to be honest. Even when the cloud had problems in December, you were solution-oriented and had your communication in place. With new technology, such things can happen, I know all about that.

Charl drives the red petrol car. His wife drives the electric baby blue. He doesn’t rule out that they could both be driving electric in the future.

What the heart thinks, what the mouth speaks

Charl and his wife have come to stay in Norway, and their interest in cars has just grown over the years. Nevertheless, he often talks more about Easee then his own cars when speaking to colleagues:

– My interest in cars is massive. I’m a true car enthusiast who appreciates quality. At the same time, I often talk more about Easee and the ground-breaking technology to my friends and colleagues. It just shows that you have really good product, and that you are creating something unique. It’ll be really exciting to follow the company’s development in the years to come!

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