Pride means many things to many different people. It can be a word that describes a feeling of satisfaction and joy for yourself and those around you. It can be an emotion that can be felt deeply and personally. It can also be used to represent a time where we celebrate LGBTQ+ rights, history, and communities by drawing focus to the need for a continued mission for equality and inclusion for all.

Pride is not just for June and not just for summer. Pride is something we should keep in our minds as we act as allies, friends, and supporters to those around us. That’s why this year, as the time comes for us to spread rainbows and love, we asked the people around us to start the conversation with what Pride really means to them.  

Martin Langeland, Chief of Culture, Easee Stavanger

Pride is important, not only for us at Easee, but for society. We still have to fight for something as universal as that love is for everyone and that everyone should be able to be who they are. Every day.

We are always looking for good people who want to help make a difference to the world. If you strive to be a good person who spreads good energy around you, there is no greater thing. These good people empower others and make real difference. This is why we engage in Pride. To make it clear that if we all do our part to fight for equality, we can make the communities we live in better places.

Tess van Hennekeler, Easee Amsterdam

— For me Pride is about representation. Growing up in Amsterdam made it much easier for me to come to terms with what I was feeling. One of my mom’s female friends was dating a woman, our neighbour was openly gay. The knowledge that whatever you are feeling is not weird, that there is nothing wrong with you, it’s so important.

I’m really thankful that I’m part of the queer community now. Coming to terms with something that makes you fall “out of the norm” means you have to learn to embrace and love yourself completely. That is what Pride is about for me. To be unapologetically yourself. To celebrate the amazing resilience and love that is within this colourful community. And to inspire young people who are struggling with their identity that what they are feeling is okay, they are not alone. 

Sanchia Pelage, Easee London

— To me, Pride means no divide and no judgement. It’s a sense of belonging, years of history to be celebrated and a constant reminder of how far many people have come in their journey over the years.

Pride is a banner of hope for generations to come. And to be able to share the love and happiness it has brought to people all over the world is an amazing, beautiful thing.

Sindre Svines, Easee Oslo

— To me Pride is a safe space. It is about hope, love, acceptance and belonging. It is a place where you get to be you. It is a celebration and you get to celebrate you. You get to celebrate the generations to come, by showing them that Pride is all about being you.

The world needs more love, do let us celebrate that! Happy pride!

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