As the UK transitions towards the 2030 ban on combustion engines and more people switch to EVs, the number of companies providing workplace charging will subsequently increase too. One such company is BBC Coffee, a Southampton based coffee manufacturer with innovation and sustainability at its core.

BBC owner Kane Bodiam attributes his engineering background to his love of Easee.

The smell of coffee permeates the air as owner Kane Bodiam proudly tells of his engineering background. ‘Every single component you see on the floor I designed, I implemented, I structured, I drew. This means we can produce 400 million capsules of coffee a day, 15 tonnes of roast coffee a shift and 800l of cold brew an hour, and it only takes 3 people to operate the machines!’.

It was this passion for well-designed and functional technology that led him to Easee.

‘As a company we were looking to move towards electric vehicles. What drew me to Easee was the simplicity of how it looked. As an engineer I like something to work well and also be simple in it’s construction – and they nailed that’.

The installation

Tom Dibben from Vanadium believes that Easee’s design and ability to retrospectively fit units is unique in the industry.

In order to accommodate for both BBC Coffee employee and fleet charging, the fact that Easee can facilitate up to 101 chargers on the same circuit without exceeding the limits of the fuse was also a significant bonus.

Installer Tom Dibben sees how the demand for charging solutions that are aesthetically designed and function well, but crucially are also easy to scale, is increasing. He explains ‘Easee’s unique in the industry due to the way that their chargepoints can scale. It allows you to future-proof your entire development, whether it’s an office building, apartment or house, all while keeping installation and material costs low.’

At the forefront

For some, EV charging is an afterthought – but for Kane it’s an integral part of taking his business to the next level. He explains: ‘I like coming to work. I like making awesome coffee and I like knowing that what I’m doing here is changing the coffee industry. Easee seem to be at the forefront of what they’re doing, and I believe we’re also at the forefront of what we’re doing.

Easee deliver us energy and BBC Coffee offers us caffeine, so 2 critical forms of energy that we need to function each day’.

‘Easee seem to be at the forefront of what they’re doing’

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