Easee is an extraordinary piece of history. Period.

We are not afraid to say it out loud, although we understand that it might seem a bit cocky. We are proud of ourselves and we know that our success is grounded in an immense focus on the people – our employees, our customers and our end-users.

Our company have only been operating for two years – yet we are already breaking records and changing how society is approaching technology as a tool and the way we consume electricity. 

Our charging robot is not just a pleasing gem for the eye. It will become part of the future power grid that distributes power more efficiently and utilizes existing capacity in the best possible way. Because capacity is not infinite. And nothing is left to chance. Every single detail of our products, services and operation is carefully developed down to the smallest of details.

The road to where we are today has been no easy breeze. It’s been a fairly bumpy ride and not without failure or frustration. But failure is not far from knowledge and hopelessness is a close relative to a dazzling breakthrough. 

Jonas Helmikstøl and Kjetil Næsje are two of our company’s founders. In our unpretentious podcast they speak openly about the company’s stance, the infinite game, the importance of inspirational leadership and everything in between. 

Straight from the heart – listen and learn!