Name: Hallgeir Kjellesvik
Born: 1977
From: Stavanger, Norway
Live: Sola, just outside Stavanger
Position: Head of Delivery, HQ

Meet Hallgeir
Born in Trondheim and moved to Stavanger when I was four years old. As a youngster I was interested in almost anything and everything. To my parents frustration I had a huge amount of energy and a fearless curiosity. One of my many projects was to collect animals of all kinds, which I brought to our house as the most natural thing in the world. We’re talking rabbits, parakeets and frogs. Literally anything with legs!

As I grew older my interest in sport became more prominent than animals, and in my early teens I was a pretty good diver. At one point in my youth, I also played the guitar in a rock band called Wannabees – we were the coolest band ever seen on the planet!

Now that I am in my 40’s I realize that life has given me so much to be grateful for. My interest in people and challenges has led me to where I am. Along the way, I have met many wise people who all have shaped me into the person I am today!

Educational background
I have a bachelor’s degree in finance from Handelshøyskolen Trondheim.

What is the best advice you have been given?
Be yourself and be honest with those around you. Let them know that while honest feedback can be very direct and difficult, you say it because you have faith in that person and just want him/her the best.

Do you have a book, movie or podcast that you often recommend to others?
I’m not going to brag that I read lots of books. However, one that I really got me going was «I am pilgrim» by Terry Hayes. An incredibly well-written thriller I can recommend. PS: 789 pages!

What do you look forward to working at Easee?
I do love challenges and are not afraid to take on new tasks. With the growth Easee has now, we must constantly find new solutions to the complex challenges emerging. I can’t wait to be a part of this journey!

What are you most proud of?
That is a difficult question. I am proud of many things in my life. From little things like my garden at home – to bigger things like the massive turnaround we did at the previous company I worked in. But what I am absolutely most proud of is my family and especially my children Vilde and Sindre.