Easee is one of the largest electronics designers and manufacturers in Norway. The road is founded on great partnerships that can follow our speed of scale and dedication to detail. Norautron has been part of our journey since the very beginning, and we are proud to share that we have signed a new contract for the next 5 years.

When two companies share the way of seeing the world, and work relentlessly together to continuously improve, it will become something greater. Easee and Norautron have that kind of relationship. Always challenging each other, trusting each other and respect each other. The reward for such a relationship is the kind of agreement we now have reached. The prize for all the hard work, transparency and vulnerability is long term planning. Commitment. Permanent value creation for entire communities in Norway. The green shift.

Our Supply Chain Director, Torstein Midtbø, says the following:
– Norautron has been with us since the beginning, and played a vital part in our growth as a company. We have developed a strong partnership throughout the years – a partnership that we now want to build on further. For Easee, it is important that the production of our products takes place locally – and that we are reinforcing the production of Norwegian electronics. This is where we want to invest our time, money, and dedication – and we are showing this by signing a long-term contract.

Easee wants to elevate Norwegian electronics development and manufacturing to the point where it deserves to be. Norway is more than fish and oil, and complex electronics design and manufacturing might just be the next big thing. We are known for great quality, and we will be known for extremely high quality within this sector as well. Norautron will play a huge part in that journey.

And who will benefit from this ambition? Everyone. Not just those that drive a plug-in.