Supply Chain Department

The Supply Chain department is responsible for ensuring that Easee purchases, produces and delivers sustainable and high-quality products. They are responsible for the production of all Easee products, new products implementation, production optimization and manufacturing partners.


They put People First by achieving high quality and getting satisfied customers.


Torunn Cathrine Brennhovd at Sandnes office in elevator with boxes


They are responsible for warehouse management, shipping and handling of all finished products in Easee. Their mission is to make sure that every Easee product arrives safely to its new owner.



The Project Sourcing team is responsible for all commercial aspects of all new products and facilitating the continuous flow of parts and components for production. Their mission is to ensure the supply of all parts and components from idea to prototype to high-volume production.

Employees standing in parking house at Sandnes Office


The team´s main goal is to prioritize preventive quality work. Their mission is to follow up and continuously improve the quality of the products that are produced in Easee´s supply chain. They put People First by achieving high quality and getting satisfied customers.



Kjartan Tjessem Østradt with an Iron Maiden t-shirt


The production team is making sure that Easee produces what the market demands, with the best quality possible. They are responsible for making the product better, focusing on improvements, process time, sustainability, and production automation. Every day they work on scaling together with the team and company. They are aiming towards being the most efficient and sustainable supply chain.

Supply Chain Collaboration

Supply Chain is working closely with the all of innovation and follow up and continuously improve the quality of our products that are produced in our supply chain.


Testimonials from Supply Chain

Portrait_Head of Supply Chain
  • In Supply Chain we are working with everything from finding the right components to shipping our products to our awesome customers – and everything in between. I love to be able to help making this journey be as seamless and easeedacious as possible.

    Astri Production Specialist
  • Supply chain is about getting the right components at the right time so we can produce and deliver high quality products to our customers. In short, working in supply chain is varied, rewarding, sometimes challenging, but most of all lots of fun.

    Beate Head of Sourcing