Easee was established in January 2018 by 3 Norwegian entrepreneurs with the idea of creating the world’s smartest electric vehicle charger. Today the company continues to develop its innovative solutions for charging and power management technology, to provide an ecosystem that will give customers a seamless experience of their products from A to Z.


Since its early beginnings, the company has grown from 3 to over 300 employees and has opened offices in the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany. Easee develops, designs, and manufactures its products in Scandinavia and currently exports them to 17 countries across Europe. The ambitions further lie in becoming one of the largest companies in green technology in Europe by 2026 and one of the largest in the world by 2031.

Protecting our intellectual property will be a very important task as we move forwards, to secure ownership and stay a “unique” provider of our current and future products and technology.

Are our products and technology protected from the market?

Easee is a company working every day to shape the electricity in the world. We started with our charging robot, and we are now working on new amazing products and technology that will help reaching our vision of shaping the future of electricity.

At Easee, we know that our best and most important asset is our people and culture. In the same way, protecting our inventions, designs, patents, and trademarks is one of our most important duties. Someone asks, is Easee protecting its technology? The answer is: “Absolutely yes!”. Our great intellectual property team is working on protecting these continuously every day.

The importance of intellectual property

The role that the intellectual property team plays is essential to Easee. The team’s mission is to ensure that Easee obtains and retains exclusive rights to its inventions, designs, patents, and trademarks. As intellectual property is a result of human creativity, it concerns everybody. Therefore, the team also ensures all Easeetonians are sufficiently knowledgeable and aware of Intellectual Property and how it should be used in Easee. We protect our intellectual property (IP) by identifying and ensuring everything resulting from Easee’s creative and innovative work is protected through registration and patents. This is crucial in the matter to allow our people to continue innovating while protecting our work from competitors. This is also one of the most important keys on our way to reaching our goals for the years ahead.

Getting to know the IP team and the challenges ahead

Truls Lunde, Head of Intellectual Property, is currently the only member of the IP team. He is an amazing guy with long experience in patents and intellectual property. The team started with him a year ago. He makes sure our products and technology are protected from the market.

We asked Truls what the best thing about working in the IP team is, and this is what he answered:

«The best thing about working in the IP team is that you get a lot of freedom in when and where to work, you get to learn a lot about IP management, and in particular about handling patent applications, designs, and trademark registrations from cradle to grave. You also get to work closely with the people that come up with the innovations».

The team’s most important challenge moving forward is to scale with the company, as Easee is growing at an exponential rate. Further, the team must become prepared to handle the significant number of creative innovations needed to accomplish the remarkable and inspiring goals and visions of Easee.

The future of the team

With the growth of the organization, we expect the workload of the IP Team to increase accordingly. As the first person to join the team, Truls is now looking for new colleagues on the road to building and consolidating a solid team.

We are, therefore, looking to recruit a Patent Adviser who can help strengthen/build our capacity to handle IP matters and be part of creating a strong squad. We are looking for a person who has a keen interest and curiosity in technology and law, and who has a strong desire to venture into the field of intellectual property. See our vacancy under for more information and to know more about what we can offer the right candidate.