Everyone seems to be talking about sustainability, about green initiatives and plans of action. However, few of us know what it really means in the context of our own lives. Or if it’s even possible to connect sustainability to business culture. 

Sustainability is often related to production, logistics and the carbon footprint we create with our products and services. A somewhat free-flowing term that doesn’t seem to accumulate to more than discussions and symbolic politics. Yet as a society we have come a long way since the ignorant 80s and 90s, with regards to reflecting upon the consequences of our actions, and we can see this in the generational transition happening around us.

But there might be some aspects forgotten in the sustainability mix. Business culture for example. Is there a way to create a more sustainable business culture than the ones that exist today?

Our Chief Caretaker and CEO, Jonas Helmikstøl took to the stage at TEDx Sustainable Living in Norway to share his thoughts on the matter. Putting people first, giving them empowerment and leading with love. Aiming for a world where love dictates where money goes, not fear and greed. Sounds too good to be true?

«If we believe in the good in people, trust in them and empower them, they will thrive at work and they will create amazing results. It’s a positive, reinforcing loop of development and mastery.»

Jonas Helmikstøl