Balancing tasks and responsibilities as a student in today’s high-tempo and modern society is not easy. If you put work on top of this, it can be even more challenging. But it doesn’t have to be, not according to students working in Easee. Let’s meet three of them.

Hedda sitting by the desk and working on her computer
Hedda started working here part-time during her final semester in her bachelor’s degree in Organizational psychology, HR and Leadership. She now works here full-time.

It is an early Monday morning. Hedda Rolstad Skjæveland, a recruiter, walks into her office on the first floor of the Easee building in Sandnes. An instant smile appears on her face as she sees a chocolate bar on her desk, with a post-it saying “you are amazing”.

“The little things mean a lot here. One gets the People First focus” she explains.

“We all want to bring out the best in each other here. Colleagues become like friends in Easee”.

The culture is what initially attracted her to this company.

“Hearing about Easee’s culture made me think that this was too good to be true. When I started working here, I saw that it was like they had spoken about – but even better. That is what I try to communicate during the recruitment process”.

Balance is key

“The prioritization between studying, working and spending time with friends and family was difficult for me” Hedda says while opening the chocolate bar.

“But my closest leader here at Easee reminded me to take care of myself and take some time off. The person made sure to help me find a balance during busy times. In Easee we are passionate about work-life balance. This has therefore been an amazing place to work part-time while studying”.

Never-ending growth

A bit further down the hallway, Hanne Lovise Berger is working on the Easee Home charger.

“A valuable lesson that I will bring with me from the experience of working here as a student is that I will never stop learning and developing” she explains while connecting a wire on the charger.

Hanne Lovise connecting a wire to the Easee Home charger
Hanne Lovise started working here the same time as Hedda, during her final semester at school.

The Automation Quality Assurance Engineer focuses on quality assurance, automating manual tests of the charger and all Easee products. The goal is to find the problem before the customer does.

“The path is ultimately the goal. I studied Electrical Engineering, but I have now transitioned to programming after starting full-time. The possibilities are endless here!”.

The value of trust

Two floors up, there sits another recently graduated Electrical Engineer. He now works here full-time, eagerly fidgeting with his gadgets.

Trym Ullestad working hard on hardware
Trym Ullestad is an Embedded Software Developer; he works closely with the hardware and ultimately “gives life” to the products.

“I received a lot of amazing and expensive equipment when I wrote my master thesis in collaboration with the Hardware and Embedded departments at Easee” Trym Ullestad says with both a concentrated facial expression and a smile.

“It was really cool that they trusted me with it, and that they had faith in me and wanted me to succeed”.

Trym’s last sentence captures the essence of the Easee-culture in some way. Foundations of trust, openness and becoming better versions of ourselves encompass the company and tie us together. Three people, with different backgrounds, on two floors, sharing the same foundational values. Isn’t that amazing?

So, now that we have given you a taste of how incredible it is for students to work here, are you up for changing your future and the world as well?