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Software Engineering is part of Easee Innovation and the home of everyone working with software in Easee. The Software Engineering departments includes four teams; Data & Insights, Embedded, Native Apps and Cloud.

They are working on setting the long term mission and strategy. As part of this they are also looking into optimizing how they organize the various departments.


Quality Assurance in action

Quality Assurance

The development of Easee embedded software and firmware is a continuous process, that requires testing on many levels before it ends up as a released product. It is QA´s responsibility to ensure the final product meets all specifications and works as designed.

QA has many different roles in the organization, they are gatekeepers for things going out of Innovation and things coming in from customers and Customer Excellence.

The department is split into two specialist teams:

  • Hardware: Embedded, Mechanical, User experience
  • Software and platform (Framework, tools and systems)
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In the Cloud department we try to adopt the best from well-known software development practices and The Easee Way.

They work with our web portal, the AWS platform, APIs, mobile app, IoT, OCPP and integrations. In the Cloud department they try to adopt the best from well-known software development practices and The Easee Way.

Data & Insights

The Data & Insights department model data and converts input to output through software such as Tableau. This is to create insight and development in areas such as Supply Chain, Sales, Marketing, People and Customer excellence.  The Data & Insights department influences the development of data & analytics in Easee, and through this influence the world.

The primary roles for the people working in the data magic & data innovation departments



A man testing our app

Native App

The Native App department builds all our apps for phones (and perhaps someday tablets, smart watches and car infotainment devices) using technologies like Dart, Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, Python, Git, C#, and SignalR. They cooperate in cross-functional squads together with designers, product managers and others representing the tech to ensure that we create the best customer experiences. 

They find the sweet spot between creating the next native app, completing our current builds, and maintaining and improving upon our releases across multiple platforms. 

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The Embedded department develops the electronics for all innovative products at Easee. The overall goal is to create and maintain a framework for development and owning everything between the Hardware and the API. Our Embedded team is developing crucial software for our smart chargers and Equalizers. In the not-so-distant future, the embedded software in our new products and services will enable a faster, better, and easier charging experience for our users. They are passionate about developing new products, as well as making sure our existing ones have best-of-breed user experience. In the Embedded team, they believe in giving colleagues time and space to delve into their work – and do what they do best! 

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    In action

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Software Engineering Collaboration

Software engineering works closely with all the departments in Innovation in cross-functional teams we call squads. The squads are where we create VALUE for our customers, planet and Easee – together. The squad will be where you get priorities and problems to solve.

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