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The Sales Team is spread across our locations as they are a cornerstone of the Easee family. They drive our mission forward, as they Easeefy the world bit by bit. The sales department challenges us and our partners and collaborates to prioritize and maximize gains for our partners and customers, both short and long term. They dare to challenge and change, maximizing growth to deliver a more sustainable future. The sales team mainly focuses on building great relations – internally and externally. We know that we wouldn’t be where we are today without our amazing partners and maintaining, strengthening and developing these collaborations is a job they take seriously. People first – always! 


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New Business

New Business gathers and analyses information about potential new territory.

They seek out new possibilities and when they find one, they present a solution. The solution has to be the best solution for the end user, but also for Easee and our partners. They work closely with many other teams in the organisation, as a part of their job is to involve all the necessary parties to “land the deal”. Once the deal is signed and sealed, they deliver it over to the Key Account Managers and Partner Success.

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Account Management

Our Key Account Managers nurture close relationships over time with their own portfolio of partners.

They secure long-term commitments from our partners that ensure safe and sustainable growth for Easee.

The team is also an important part of planning, coordinating and implementing marketing activities, especially when it comes to campaigns and partner events.

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Business Development

Their job is to provide optimal solutions for partners, users and Easeetonians. And they do it by putting People First.

The team has the main responsibility for customer journeys in all segments and channels. They are at the forefront of analysing, planning and executing strategies for expansion in both new and existing markets and segments. An important part of their job is to align marketing, sales and operations to ensure accountability and transparency.

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Sales Operations

“I’ll fix it, consider it done”, that’s what you’ll hear from Sales Ops. Their work is done behind the scenes, to make sure the Sales team moves smoothly in their day to day-work.

To be more specific, they handle a variety of the administrative and technical tasks that would otherwise burden the rest of the Sales team. That means making sure that everyone has the tools they need and the knowledge to use them in the best way. They foresee and reduce friction wherever that might occur, they are the touch point towards other departments and otherwise make sure the Sales team moves as one.


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Sales Collaboration

Sales is working closely with Customer Excellence and Marketing in order to secure that our partners and customers get the necessary support and information.

They also work on projects and share experiences with product development and other departments as they have key information about the most important people – our customers.

What our employees says

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  • For me, the best thing about working in Easee is that I am trusted to do the right things, both for Easee and for myself. Before I started here I thought that I was not a creative person, but with the safety provided by my caretakers and colleagues I feel the freedom to explore my own ideas and do things the way my gut-feeling tells me. If you are the kind of person who likes to explore new ideas, look for opportunities in the products and solutions that we already have, or even use your skills and creativity to create something unique together with our partners, you are the right person for the Business Development team

    Tjerand Business Development Manager

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