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Product Excellence is a part of Easee Innovation, and consists of the Product Management, Product Design, Product Delivery and Intellectual Property teams. They have a firm hand on product ideas, development, creation and delivery. Product Excellence always work to innovate and affect the future of electricity.


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Product Management

The members of the product management team drive the innovation and development of Easee’s products and services. Their responsibility is to make sure that these are products and services that are valuable to both customers and Easee as a business.

This, of course, happens in close collaboration with their designated squads, and especially with the help of the design and tech leads of each squad. Typically we say that the design lead focuses on usability, tech lead on feasibility and product managers focusing on viability, although this is all a shared effort. So most of the time is spent with the squad doing discovery work, which is basically doing research and experiments in order to discover opportunities and reduce risk in regards to usability, feasibility and viability. And when they feel confident enough, they will focus on correctly and effectively delivering on these opportunities.

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Product Design

The mission and purpose of the Product Design team is being ambassadors for the customers and drive innovation by discovering the customer’s pains. The team creates value by solving pains in a frictionless and memorable way. Product Design’s superpower is empathy, making them able to create a common understanding between people across borders, teams and departments. Within Product design, there consists three Design innovation teams:

  • UX/UI Design
  • Service Design
  • Industrial Design.

Product Delivery

Product Delivery helps to turn ideas and visions into awesome products. They are strong in planning and execution so things happen and get shipped. This involves great coordination between the disciplines you need to make things happen – being a friction ninja. Communication and problem solving is often needed to get everyone working towards a common goal. They are project managers and delivery managers with an agile mindset innovating to create products our customers love.

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Intellectual Property

The role that the Intellectual Property (IP) team plays is essential to Easee. The team’s mission is to ensure that Easee obtains and retains exclusive rights to its inventions, designs, patents, and trademarks.

As intellectual property is a result of human creativity, it concerns everybody. Therefore, the team also ensures all Easeetonians are sufficiently knowledgeable and aware of Intellectual Property and how it should be used in Easee. We protect our intellectual property (IP) by identifying and ensuring everything resulting from Easee’s creative and innovative work is protected through registration and patents. This is crucial in the matter to allow our people to continue innovating while protecting our work from competitors. This is also one of the most important keys on our way to reaching our goals for the years ahead.

What our employees say

  • Working in the international product team at Easee is a gift. We have the opportunity to think outside the box and really make sure we serve our customers the best solutions out there and all with a culture you just can’t get enough of.

    Charlie Head of Product UK

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