Making our products Come to life

To reach one of Easee´s visions “More time for love” we have developed a Product Vision that will be the north star to guide all our product development and efforts going forward.
The Innovation side of Easee is where our products come to life.

This department is categorized into three overall disciplines; Software Engineering, Hardware Engineering and Product Excellence. Together they all work cross-functionally to achieve our product vision. You are typically hired by a caretaker that knows your fields of expertise (discipline), and this is your safe haven. The discipline is where you go to for professional input, guidelines and to figure out how you work.

“Creating an ecosystem that accelerates electrification to shape a sustainable future for humanity.”

Our Product Vision

“How are going to do that?” you might ask. The answer is far from simple, and we depend on all of us dedication to make this happen. Together, we contribute by:

  • Accelerating the transition to electric transportation
  • Enabling the grid to handle the scale of an electric future
  • Using our limited electricity more efficiently
  • Giving control back to the customer

Easee Innovation Squads

Most of the people in Innovation will work in cross-functional teams which we call squads. The squads are where we create VALUE for our customers, planet and Easee – together. The squad will be where you get priorities and problems to solve.

We believe only by working tightly together across many different disciplines are we able to create the best products and services for our customers. The squad is where you have most of your interactions during the day. Working in squad should make you feel like missionaries. Missionaries are true believers in the vision and are committed to solving problems as opposed to mercenaries who just build what they’re told.

Easee Innovations Departments

Easee Innovation consist of three overall disciplines;
Software Engineering, Hardware Engineering and Product Excellence.

Read more about each departement down below.

The heart and mind behind our products