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The Hardware Engineering group is part of Easee Innovation. The group works to achieve Easee’s Product vision, which is to create an ecosystem that accelerates electrification to shape a sustainable future for humanity.   

The group comprises the Mechanical, Electronics, and Quality Assurance (QA) departments. Hardware Engineering is responsible for the physical parts of the Easee product portfolio. 

Hardware Engineering Teams

Trym Ullestad working hard on hardware


The Electronics Team is responsible for the development of electronics for our new products. They consistently work on maintaining the electronics for our amazing existing products. This is also the team who make sure that all our products fulfill the EU regulations’ requirements and have all the right certifications.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) is responsible for testing and ensuring that the quality and user experience of each product is according to the standards we have set for our products. The main goal is to make life as easy as possible for our support team, the innovation team, our partners, and our dear customers by limiting as much friction as possible. 

Quality Assurance (QA) is a gatekeeper for things going out of Innovation and a gatekeeper for things coming in from customers and Customer Excellence. 

The department is split into two specialist teams; Hardware and Software.

Working on our hardware

Data & Insights


The Mechanical Team converts designs into real products. They separate themselves from the hardware team by focusing mostly on creating the parts of our products that are not electronic. 

The Mechanical Team takes care of all the plastic and metal parts of Easee products. Working closely with the design team, they make sure Easee products look and feel good with robust and reliable construction. 

The team works tirelessly with our suppliers to make the Easee Product Vision a reality. 

Hardware Engineering Collaboration

Hardware Engineering works closely with all the departments in Innovation in cross-functional teams we call squads. The squads are where we create VALUE for our customers, planet and Easee – together. The squad will be where you get priorities and problems to solve.

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Hardware Engineering

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