Not your traditional Accounting Crew

From the moment you step across the threshold into the Finance department, you understand that this is not your traditional accounting crew. The warmth, positivity and service-mindedness hugs you like a warm blanket on a stormy autumn night. They are clearly here to serve the rest of Easeetonia in all matters finance-related.

They have a hairy ambition that relevant information for decisions with financial impact should be available and based on live data at all times. Instead of just reporting on historical numbers, the main focus is to get all input right the first time. By constantly improving systems and processes they aim to make Easee more data driven in financial planning and decision-making.

Finance Collaboration

The team is international, and work closely across borders. That’s one of the benefits of the finance profession according to the team members; it’s the same language across borders, just different dialects.

There is no doubt they speak the same language: When they get together, the laughter can be heard from far away. And they can also be smelled from quite a distance… You see, they share a passion for food – even though some team members admit that their passion mostly consists of eating it.

What our employees say

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  • At Easee we challenge ourselves and each other to become better versions of ourselves, which I love. This journey allows us to make mistakes, there is no finger-pointing. You are your own CEO and trusted to make your own decisions.

    Thalia Financial Controller

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