Business Developer Automotive – Operations Tjerand Øvstebø

Min rolle i Easee

Soon to be 40 years old, living in Kvernevik with my two kids, Emil 14 and Oda 11, and Christine 34 and her daughter Emilie who is also 11. So we kind of have twin girls who are not twins. The household also includes a dog and a cat, who are not friends at all. 

The outdoors beats the indoors and I love going hiking in the summer, and snowboarding/splitboarding in the winter. I’m also doing CrossFit 2-4 times per week. Evenings are best spent enjoying a nice meal and good company.

Whenever I need to gain focus or some extra energy, I visualize myself on top of a mountain about to make some crazy lines through fresh powder, with Bigbang’s “To the Mountains” on volume 11. 

After 12 years in the car industry I joined Easee in January 2021. I love using my skills in a new field, being able to challenge some established truths and trying to keep Easee relevant every day!

My colleagues Easeetonians

Short about Easee AS

Easee was created in January 2018 by three entrepreneurs with a powerful vision of shaping the power grid of the future while becoming a pioneer for what a modern corporate culture should be. We started by creating the world’s smartest charging robot for electric cars and are now working to offer our customers an entire ecosystem that will give them a seamless experience from A to Z.