Country Director Germany – Easee Germany Marcel Jeron

Min rolle i Easee

Marcel, 39 years old, far too old for his height. The edges of the eyes in the morning indicate wear or the use of too little moisturiser.

For 20 years in professional life in various industries and positions including military, electronics, renewable energies, oil and gas, shipbuilding and consulting.

Focus: Quality Management, SupplyChainManagement, IT Project Management

Joy in structuring and building things. Open to a new approach to organisational development in connection with nationally distributed workplaces (HomeOffice) etc. 

Difficulties to enjoy the present, as the head already lives a few weeks in the future 😊

Current motto: Better to be prepared for an opportunity that might not occur, instead of having an opportunity and not being prepared.

My colleagues Easeetonians

Short about Easee AS

Easee was created in January 2018 by three entrepreneurs with a powerful vision of shaping the power grid of the future while becoming a pioneer for what a modern corporate culture should be. We started by creating the world’s smartest charging robot for electric cars and are now working to offer our customers an entire ecosystem that will give them a seamless experience from A to Z.