Customer Excellence Puts the customer first

Customer Excellence is responsible for making sure our customers are happy, and that they get the support they need if the experience issues or have questions.

Their vision is for Easee to have the world’s most satisfied customers. Customer Excellence puts the customer first every day.


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Product and Processes

Responsible for all projects as well as internal and cross-functional processes. Aiming to streamline information- and workflows. The team works on continuous improvement to allow for a smoother operation for all Customer Excellence domains and enable greater efficiency and reduce time lost.

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Return Merchandise Authorization

The RMA team are the Upkeepers of every Easee product that is reported as faulty by our customers and partners. The team serve a cross-functional purpose, taking ownership of the return process from start to finish. The team strives to put people first and make returns easy for Easee’s customers and partners

RMA Upkeeper → A person who sets in motion the appropriate process or activity to provide a device with necessary or proper maintenance and support – all while putting people first and providing the best customer journey experience the Easee way.

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Partner Success

The Partner Success team is responsible for nurturing partners by providing the best and most up to date technical expertise – even before it is required. They also provide partners with the support and training needed to become the best versions of themselves.

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Customer Success

Customer Success is all about providing the best support for the customer – always looking for ways to improve and prevent issues. They genuinely love Easee’s customers and to be able to help them. Their aim is to be as responsive and quick as possible to provide the best customer experience.

Customer Excellence Collaboration

Customer Excellence is working closely with Innovations, supply chain, sales and marketing to make sure that Easee will have the world’s most satisfied customers. Our customers are happy when they think of us because they trust us as we always listen and always show up. We put the customer (people) first and our high-standard customer service wins our partners and customers hearts.


Testimonials from Customer Excellence

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portrait of Tine Customer Excellence
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  • Working alongside a great team with many different skills and background allows us to learn something new everyday, there is always someone there to help you at all times as we care so much about each other. The opportunities available allow progression in your career to maximize your full potential and become the best version of yourself, you really get out what you put in.

    Ross International Customer Excellence Manager
  • Being a part of the Customer Success team is like coming home to a loving family. We take care of and help one another. Sometimes we squabble like siblings, but always with the best of intentions at heart! There is room for everyone and every opinion. I remember thinking “this is too good to be true” during my first week as part of the Customer Success team, but I soon came to realize that when people genuinely love what they do, and the company they work for – an amazing culture like Easee has becomes a reality! I genuinely feel like I’ve found the place I want to work at for the rest of my career.

    Tina Customer Success Specialist
  • Easee has shown me that a job can be more than just a task, day after day. I have also made our goal “Shaping the future of good energy” my personal goal, not only in the Customer Excellence Family or towards our customers, but also in my free time. And I enjoy helping the people around me and making them feel good. The culture we live is second to none and I am proud to be a part of it.

    Ramon Customer Excellence Specialist

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